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    I had a friend in the 1980's we called Sir Ed of Springtail. I haven't heard from him since 1999 or so. He rode a unicycle as often as many people ride bicycles. I often wonder where he's cycled off to.

    Started this by playing with this tutorial on creating a newspaper in Photoshop. I did a few things my own way, instead of following the instructions, but I think it turned out alright.

    I just couldn't resist including references to the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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    Update: Heavens to Mergatroid! I've found Ed! He's here on flickr as Readwryt. It turns out my reference to the Flying Spaghetti Monster --and especially the FSM photo I included-- in the same image with my old friend is unintentionally ironic. No offense intended, Sir Ed.

    1. Micky** 97 months ago | reply

      Great work on the newspaper....wish I could read the whole thing. lol.
      Had to check out the Flying Spaghetti monster link, very interesting, and cool....I thinks :-)

    2. Bill Adams 97 months ago | reply

      Good work!

      Yeah, that Flying Spaghetti Monster link was kinda interesting. Need to get me one of those Pastafarian patches.

    3. Caravansarai 97 months ago | reply

      Cool! I am going to check out this tutorial as I have a photo BEGGING to have this done to it!

    4. Pockafwye 97 months ago | reply

      The line of text under the crossed pirate fish logo is a quote from Ed. "Where no van has gone before." It was from a sketch he did of a Volkswagen bus in outer space.

      I'll let you in on a secret.

      Since most of the text was going to be too small to read anyway I had some fun with it's selection. Some of it is nonsense, some of it is quoted from the Gettysburg Address, some of it is quotations from the Dalai Lama, and some is from Wikipedia's entry on Dungeons & Dragons. That last was chosen because Gary Gygax passed away today, and because I used to go to a D&D game hosted by Ed.

    5. Leighton Cooke 97 months ago | reply

      FSM rules! Pastafari!

    6. borealnz 97 months ago | reply

      Nicely done Jen!!

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