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Please take a look at paradox (my first attempt at this trick).

So I finally got a around to trying it again and I'm fairly happy with the results. Hopefully there will be more to come as I have a bunch of other ideas I haven't tried yet.

This is funny. Apparently my photo was posted somewhere and then link to from reddit yesterday which is apparently why I'm getting more hits again. I'm curious how this happened. Anyway, my favorite comment so far is from rlee0001:

"That's actually the notorious, and highly feared, East Los Angeles photoshop gang. Made up of primarily Asian/Pacific immigrants, they are thought responsible for countless hate related murders and other violent crimes.
The ELAPG is also one of the nations most wealthy gangs. The gang has profited greatly from sales of Heroin and Crack Cocaine, and also from their fairly well known professional 'cleaning' services. Their wealth is one of the most significant factors preventing their capture.
Members of the ELAPG are often spotted on basketball courts with high-end photography equipment. Another dead give-away is the ELAPG dress code: black leather jackets (usually) over red sweaters, and stone washed blue jeans.
Be very careful when within camera shot of any ELAPG members. Any non-member captured by an gang camera will be added to the hit list. When new members are recruited, part of the initiation ritual is to shoot to death, at point-blank range, three randomly selected people from the hit list, and put the picture on their body.
From this picture you can see one non-member (wearing a green jacket in inner picture). You can almost see the fear in his eyes. Don't be surprised when he turns up dead, with that picture on his body."

That's hot! :)

And again:
"Do you know how many ELAPG members there are in that picture? More than thirty. Seven are on the camera crew, and the rest are all ninjas.
That's just how Asians roll."

He cracks my s*** up!

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  1. Fowley 64 months ago | reply

    This is just so great..
    I first looked at it and thought..". yeah, it's cool"

    Then.. I looked at it again, and the realisation of the complexity of it melted my brain.

    Well done.

  2. thatinstant [deleted] 64 months ago | reply

    This work is pure genius!

  3. Scott Coulter 64 months ago | reply

    Instant fave, and the undisputed king of the "self cloning" genre. Excellent work.

  4. dgmiami 64 months ago | reply

    Sure you are sick of all the comments on this work, but I must state that I absolutely love it... Saw it on Twitter today and retweeted it too!

  5. DutchAstrid 64 months ago | reply

    LOL Pine trees... in East Los Angeles

  6. Eman エマン 에만 64 months ago | reply

    my jaw just dropped. freaking amazing.

  7. SVR Photography 64 months ago | reply

    this is excellent work...even recreating your photoshop process in the mind to get this result is an exercise in perplexing oneself. :-)

    btw, from now on, if you see this photo start getting a lot of hits, as long as you catch it within a day or so you can just click the "Photo stats" link in the bottom right. That page will give you the short list of referrers, and you delve into that in detail to see exactly where on the web people are finding your image...

  8. lomokev 64 months ago | reply

    this was linked on stumbleupon here but it links to some oneelse's upload!

    nice idea well executed

  9. pochacco20 63 months ago | reply

    Thanks for the heads up, lomokev. I think it's funny how this is still floating around the internet as much as it is. I'm actually flattered that someone wanted to posted this under their flickr account.

    Again, I want to thank everyone for all the encouraging comments. One day I will try to continue this project, hopefully with someone more photogenic.

  10. jim.huinink 63 months ago | reply

    This is one of my favourite things I've ever seen on the Internet. Seriously, and I've been around a while.

    I found this from a flippa.com sale of a photo site that pulled images from Flickr where the account was not even yours. So I guess the Internet sort of has its own Droste effect.... no true origin ... except I seem to have found it.

    But really, this is just superbly cool. Thanks for the mental exercise I am going to have figuring out where this really starts. - J

  11. nikonshmikon 59 months ago | reply

    viewed over 97000 times. Way to go, Mark.

  12. melur69 49 months ago | reply

    awesome... two thumbs up... :)

  13. Eric Lomo [deleted] 37 months ago | reply

    genial Nway Photos.

  14. efrati2012 33 months ago | reply

    really good job ! love it well done

  15. BlueisCoool 15 months ago | reply

    Very nice work Mark Lee!

  16. dieterbo 15 months ago | reply

    This is one of the best photos i ever saw. My goal for my next holiday is, to try this for myself. But i still don't really get it :D

  17. RuudAzz 11 months ago | reply

    Awesome shot..
    However in the main picture you have the guy in talking on the phone, Is he not missing from the polaroid shot?

  18. RuudAzz 11 months ago | reply

    Oops hold on that is him just cropped out in the polaroid isnt it?

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