Scintillating Plastic Slab

At PNNL, we are driven to respond to change and anticipate change to make a difference in the world—helping to prevent terrorist attacks from ever happening again on our homeland. Through federally funded research, scientists are developing radiation detection systems. The systems scan vehicles and cargo for unauthorized shipments of radiological materials. In this image, a scientist tests a scintillating plastic slab used in the detection system. When examined under cross-polarized light, a slab exhibits color banding. Imagery provided by PNNL researcher Duane Balvage. Subject material provided by Mary Bliss and Jean Stave.


This image was a part of the 2011 PNNL Science as Art contest.


Terms of Use: Our images are freely and publicly available for use with the credit line, "Courtesy of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory." Please use provided caption information for use in appropriate context.

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Taken on August 11, 2011