landing gear

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on the previous version the wings did not fold together very nicely.

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  1. Marine Raider 41 months ago | reply

    Love the shaping on this! The use of SNOT technique on this is so amazing. The X-wing is not one of my favorite starfighters, but you make it so well.

  2. Genghis Don 41 months ago | reply

    Yes, this is easily the best detailed X-Wing MOC I have seen, windscreen included.

  3. no_onions 41 months ago | reply

    why the yellow windscreen?

  4. Shadow Viking 41 months ago | reply

    Damn. It just keeps getting better.

  5. gambort 41 months ago | reply

    As others have said this is the best X-wing model made. And nicely scaled too.

    Can you get a 3/4 shot of it? One suited to blogging? I can go with one of the existing shots but they don't have as much X-wing-ness as I'd like.

  6. psiaki 41 months ago | reply

    Thanks Tim! I was trying to get a nice x-wing shot but none of them looked good! I'll try again but it won't be until tomorrow. The place i'm living these days has TERRIBLE lighting (read: terrible windows) so it sucks trying to take a decent picture.

    I thought yellow looked better than trans-blue. The trans-black version is never available, and when it is it goes for over $20, which is not worth it to me. On previous versions I just did some post-processing but I feel kinda lame doing that. If you have a trans-black one just sitting around I'd be more than happy to trade for it!

  7. gambort 41 months ago | reply

    No worries. I'll wait.

  8. 'Clashy 41 months ago | reply

    See, now this is what LEGO should have marketed instead of 4502 re-releases like 3 times.

  9. psiaki 41 months ago | reply

    is this any better?
    X-wing Final

  10. hrcywindu 41 months ago | reply

    Sweet! I still consider your X-wing the coolest one ever made. Not the most accurate one, but the coollest one for sure.

  11. Eleven-Thirty-Eight 41 months ago | reply

    This is definitely the best X-Wing model I have ever seen. Far better than mine. Even though the yellow windscreen isn't accurate, I still think it looks pretty good on this.

  12. Nebraska's MOC 41 months ago | reply

    Best x-wing ever! Nicely done!

  13. Pedro_H. 33 months ago | reply

    Really nice!

  14. marvin-hartmann 27 months ago | reply

    Uhhhh a X-Wing!

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