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when I first found out that Lego existed on the internet, I was fascinated by El Caracho's huge scale batmobile. While I've certainly seen cooler MOCs since then, it still holds a special place for me. I've been wanting to try my own for a while.

more pictures to come. Had to make sure I beat the deadline.

fan is driven by rear wheels

1989 was the greatest, debate.

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  1. Dan P. B. 60 months ago | reply

    As someone who has wanted the UCS Batmobile for quite some time, I'd much rather have yours :P.

    Excellent work; it looks absolutely fantastic!

  2. Ryan Rubino 60 months ago | reply

    Beautiful complicated shapes and smooth transitions everywhere. All the tapers, curves, and dips are impressive.

  3. BrickMonkey 60 months ago | reply

    I'm not a fan of Batman at all, but this is stunning work. Puts the official UCS version to shame. Love the windscreen in particular.

  4. Aaron (-_-) 60 months ago | reply

    Good god damn this is so flipping cool.

  5. gambort 60 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Blogged by The Brothers Brick, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  6. Nannan Z. 60 months ago | reply

    The windscreen combo is killer.

  7. <Vanilla-Bear> 60 months ago | reply

    This is fantastic, exactly like the one in the film. Amazing work!

  8. psiaki 60 months ago | reply

    thanks for the feedback y'all!

    I'm glad some of you noticed the windshield, as that is definitely my favorite parts combo on this whole thing.

    I built this guy a little faster than I would have liked, so hopefully now that I got a "rev. 1" off the press, I can do some minor modifications and improvements (the interior mostly, current one was about 10 mins of work--and no, that's not me boasting about my building speed).

  9. notenoughbricks 60 months ago | reply

    Amazing! Your skills and talent are in evidence here, as in all of your MOCs.

    The windshield is ridiculous as is the build as a whole. The intakes on the side are at a cool angle and look great.

    A rather quick count, but is this car 22 wide?!?!?

    As for your debate opener, this is the best Batmobile, I agree.
    However, my favorite incarnation of Batman is from Bruce Timm's Batman The Animated Series. That show made DC cartoons relevant once again and spawned Superman TAS, Batman Beyond, Justice League, and JL Unlimited.

  10. J5N 60 months ago | reply

    Rad build Mike, some superb detailling and functionality. This was easily the best looking Batmobile, I do still love the Tumbler though.

  11. <Vanilla-Bear> 60 months ago | reply

    ^^I like this batmobile the best, it's sleek and cool while the tumbler is a big chunky 'tank', but I think that, in comparing them, one should watch this
    and this.

    Also, I loved B:TAS as well. It had some really intelligent and dark episodes for a children's cartoon. It's a shame that "The Batman" and "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" went back to being similar to normal kid's shows.

  12. Element Stacker. 58 months ago | reply

    Beautiful. Very.

  13. callumgx1 56 months ago | reply

    fricken amazing

  14. aabbee 150 51 months ago | reply

    as a enormous fan of batman i must say.... THIS IS FREAKEN AMAZING

  15. legoman7891 50 months ago | reply

    I try to make a mini tumbler and this guy makes a masterpiece batmobile XD

  16. George.m. 45 months ago | reply

    very niceee! :))

  17. TheLegoDr 11 months ago | reply

    I just came across this. I didn't realize it was this old already.

    Only recently having seen the UCS version, I can say this is far superior. It has the lines a lot more streamlined. Plus the windscreen is a huge plus.

    I considered bricklinking the UCS version, but after seeing it in person I'm not too excited about it. This would be worth bricklinking though.

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