• ? - brickapolis
  • I taped a baseplate to the wall to store my windscreens, that way they don't get scratched up
  • That's a novel way to deal with the windshields!

    Now, if I was just willing to sacrifice a baseplate to serve as a wallhanging.... - Lich Barrister
  • That's a good idea!

    I'd never think of doing that... - brickapolis
  • yeah. I realized I have not really used a baseplate in at least 8 years, so I was glad to find a use for one of them
  • JP! :D - NIRDIAN
  • I just received one of these for Christmas, I love it so far! - wunztwice
  • Oh, yeah! Hmm, I wonder if I could spare one... - wunztwice
  • Perfect! - <samW>
  • Two plusses to this; you know where they are and you can quickly decide which one to use. - whateverly
  • Brilliant. - Obxcrew
  • heheh - Joris Blok


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kind of an old picture, but this is where I build

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  1. Detail Man 60 75 months ago | reply

    105,697,032 pieces is what i count..........right?

  2. psiaki 75 months ago | reply

    dividing that by about 2500 would get you close

  3. NIRDIAN 75 months ago | reply

    *envies your awesome collection*

  4. swoofty 75 months ago | reply

    Nice space!

  5. Tøxicbricks 73 months ago | reply

    Do you like Jurassic Park?
    lol just a joke...

  6. williamhorvath 71 months ago | reply

    i did not any more

  7. blue62convert 63 months ago | reply

    Wow... I am close to this organized! Mine are sorted by color

  8. lddcreations 62 months ago | reply

    This is the coolest Lego collection ever.

    "It's the most beautiful things these eye's have ever seen"

  9. Sgt. Gunshow 60 months ago | reply

    t id do for a workspace like this XD soooo sick man!!! and the baseplate on the wall for the windshields is ingenious!!!

  10. psiaki 59 months ago | reply

    ^Trust me, it's gotten much worse as of late. (Worse, as in larger--if that makes sense)

  11. Super J Dog 53 months ago | reply

    The plane in top left is pure awesome!

  12. GreekCharioteer 45 months ago | reply

    I've got to do this sometime.

  13. Turtle110895 41 months ago | reply

    Were do you get the storage boxes?

  14. simpyo99 39 months ago | reply

    Hay do a picture on the truck in the bottom left it looks awsome.And maybe some instructions hehehe...

  15. MechWarrior07 11 months ago | reply

    love the setup

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