• Add a spine here and you'll have yourself a spinosarous! (Sp?) - Mr. Block
  • sweet - Chrispockst
  • Why? - Trevor Van Aalst
  • because anyone who actually likes Jurassic park 3 thinks the spinosaurus is the best dinosaur
  • Land Rover? - Kiolden
  • Ford Explorer
  • I wub jurassic park!!!:) - Mr. Block
  • That makes rather more sense I guess... :) Thanks for explaining. Its very neat. - Kiolden
  • I'm still diggin those raptors. Sorry. - kreezzalee
  • the third one blew
    one and two were the best!!!!!! - Mr. Wiles


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in case you thought I was done with the dinosaurs....I'm not

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  1. Miord 69 months ago | reply

    Alaska needs a zoo like that...with a longer fence. Preferably a circular one.

  2. Karf Oohlu 69 months ago | reply

    Well played, Very nice.

  3. nismojunkie7287 [deleted] 69 months ago | reply

    damn nice job

  4. -Tayasuune- 69 months ago | reply

    *hums Weird Al's 'Jurassic park' to himself*

    Very nice. Great job on the explorer again

  5. peterlmorris 69 months ago | reply

    There's dinosaurs in Alaska now? I'm there!

    And I agree, your dinos rule. Mas que mucho, please.

  6. magnus_lauglo 69 months ago | reply

    Love the dinosaurs!

  7. Kurasaybo 69 months ago | reply


  8. Tren :) 69 months ago | reply

    Excellente! Es una maravia!

    Lol. dount stawp wit da dynos, guy. they kewl!

  9. Nemo KB 69 months ago | reply

    ¿Este es la Dia de Español en Flickr?

    ¡Bárbaro! ¡Lo amo mucho!

  10. Rogue Bantha 69 months ago | reply

    very evocative of the film

  11. Tagl 69 months ago | reply

    Hey, which film is this from? :-)
    Love your dinosaurs, please don't stop building.

  12. curtydc 68 months ago | reply

    I just listened to your interview on LAMLradio. I'd love to see more Jurassic Park themed MOCs, I hope you find some time in between college.

  13. lego addict 68 months ago | reply

    Win! Me love the truck.

  14. Eccohawk 65 months ago | reply

    Very nice....I wasn't very satisfied at all with my version of the Jeep; felt it was too big. And I've yet to try brick-built dinos, of which yours look great. I've heard a lot of talk about a collaborative display for JP for Brickworld 2009 and I'm up for it if there's enough interest. Let me know if you'd like to display with me.

  15. sally_monster 60 months ago | reply

    Best. Lego. Ever!

  16. YendisHD [deleted] 50 months ago | reply

    Love the fence.

  17. Jim Blob Blann 48 months ago | reply

    This is what Lego always promised to be but never lived up to (at least in my tiny, unskilled hands). Fantastic work!

  18. bangus75 44 months ago | reply

    your not the only one who saw juracic park

  19. Torvadam555 30 months ago | reply

    Oh, and by the way - When t-rex grabbed spino on the neck, he would've crushed his neck. Just look up T-rex Jaw Strength to find out.

  20. Brick~Busters 29 months ago | reply

    Uploaded to LEGO CUUSOO by someone else:

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