• This here continues to bother me. It does not seem streamlined like the rest of the car. - Skinny Pete Deux
  • Have you tried 'Wedge 4 x 4 x 2/3 Curved'? - Duq
  • well played - ASneary
  • yeah, that part is way too tall, especially at the back end
  • I've tried this before. It's a bear-and-a-half to get right, but very pleasing - Hobo Sapien
  • I see what you did thar. - Tren :)

take 3

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don't expect anything for the next couple of days in terms of pictures. I'm out of town.

  1. Tim Ltd 69 months ago | reply

    Very nice.

  2. lights 69 months ago | reply

    Ooo, this one is cool too. Well-chosen Shell sticker.

  3. Blazin Ace 69 months ago | reply

    Awesome Colorscheme!

  4. OrigamiFanPete 60 months ago | reply

    awesome car! outstanding racer! stunning job! i really love it!

  5. Hobo' 50 months ago | reply

    Sorry to be a bit late to the party, but this was just to good to pass up! Amazing work! I'm gonna' have to give this one a go myself. The Shell stickers and the skirt really give it a great NASCAR feel, but you might want to knock off the side mirrors as they are not used in NASCAR racing.

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