Leapin' for Obama

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It's Leap Day after all.

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  1. Paul McRae (Delta Niner) 72 months ago | reply

    This photo now has 500 favorites. Took a long time to get there. I think a lot of people have un-favorited this actually, probably because they are no longer so crazy about Obama. I can sympathize with that, he has been a pretty big disappointment so far.

  2. Make Studio | Marty Coleman 72 months ago | reply

    I am not disapppointed at all. He took a bad situation from a do nothing president and has passed healthcare reform, wall street reform, kept the economy from being completely trashed in spite of how it appeared when he entered office, has gotten combat troups out of Iraq as promised and has beefed up the force in Afghanistan as promised.
    Those who want a magic wand dictator from a disney movie might be disappointed, yes. But those who understand how hard it is to get anything done in Washington are and should be proud of President Obama.

  3. Paul McRae (Delta Niner) 72 months ago | reply

    Well I'm glad you're happy with him Marty, many are not.

  4. Make Studio | Marty Coleman 72 months ago | reply

    Paul, the question is WHY aren't they happy with him. If they voted for him I would suggest there is a good chance they are unhappy because they had unrealistic expectations. He repeatedly said it would be a very, very hard time of it for a number of years. He said it would be a fight in congress and in the hearts and minds of Americans. He said that vision and dreams and ideals are good and valuable but that we all had to understand that the hard work of making things happen, especially in the present circumstances, was going to be fill with setbacks, delays, disappoints, as well as triumphs.

    The mindset of Americans often is that of the hollywood mentality of a sweet, easy wrap up to a story. They want to see the musical montage as the hero transforms the world, family, workplace, whatever, in 3 minutes and all is well. I think many got suckered into thinking that is how it really works in politics. Granted, Obama led with that idealism but he never, ever said it would be easy or that everything he hoped to accomplish would be accomplished right away or even within his presidency.

    So, I would suggest that a realistic appraisal of his work thus far, given what he stated in advance, and given how politics REALLY works, has been more than admirable and deserves our support in the future.

  5. daveelmore 72 months ago | reply

    Get real!! What reason is there to be disappointed? Obama is making as much progress as can be expected. I'm 150% positive that America (and the world) is better off with him in office. It's not Obamas fault that your expectations are unrealistically high. It's a mad, mad world... but not nearly as mad as it would be if McCain/Palin had won and continued down the Bush highway.

    Look at the state of the union now, and think back to where it was when he took office... he has made real, tangible progress. If your disappointed about the economy, think about who the finger should be pointed at. The Obama administration made hard decisions that ultimitely avoided true economic disaster. If you're disappointed because of the situation in the Gulf... that has nothing to do with Obama. His opponents jumped all over the opportunity to drag him into it and is using every tactic & spin-story they can to divert responsabilty and accountability. If you're disappointed because we're still at war, at least now the war is focused where it should have been all-along. We never had any business going to war in Iraq. Remember 9/11? If you're disappointed about the lack of civil rights for GLBT (all americans), don't point that finger at Obama, cause that would just be religulous!

    I could go on and on, and on... but like I said earlier, it's a mad, mad world. When things are as bad as they are, it's easy to fall for the garbage like what's being spewed out of Faux News and the so-called "Tea Party". Yes, things are bad right now, things will probably be bad next year, and the year after that... Keep things in perspective. Progress is being made. Obama is doing his part. Do yours – support him.

  6. @CostlowPics 72 months ago | reply

    to be fair to americans who understand common sense, the national debt has increased by $3 trillion in just the past 6 months..but i guess we'll allow this clown to keep blaming GWB for another 2 years as if anything GWB did has held water in the operations or decision making of this admin.

  7. the fabric bar [deleted] 69 months ago | reply

    Cool pic. However this President is a man-child and has no clue what he's doing. Sometimes I think Malia and Sasha are running the show behind the curtains.

  8. mr.Txn 65 months ago | reply

    lol))) nice))))

  9. Katelyn James 64 months ago | reply

    someone painted that in texas? texas? im shocked. we're not really fans of obama. however, he is the president and that's a tough job.

  10. Make Studio | Marty Coleman 64 months ago | reply

    Katelyn, 3,528,633 Texans voted for Obama ( 43.64% of 8,077,073 votes). There isn't a 'WE' when it comes to politics for an entire state. Your socio-economic group may not have voted for him, your friends, but a LOT of Texans did. And your right, it's a VERY tough job.

  11. Katelyn James 64 months ago | reply

    good point. there were, a lot of my friends voted for him. many of them wish they hadn't. like most things in life things in the past easier to see. these last 4 or 5 presidents havent done much to keep our country on a path of success. it's not even really a Dem or Rep thing but an honor thing. i wouldnt want the job but feel that someone who does shouldnt want it for the power but for the good they could do.

  12. daveelmore 64 months ago | reply

    @Katelyn James Our president is most definitely is in it for the good he can do, and not for the power. Unfortunately, the GOP wants to -- at all costs -- prevent him from doing so.

  13. Josh Thompson 64 months ago | reply

    It's always interesting to see further comments on this photo.

    Many of the problems the president (any president) must deal with have no clear answer. Rarely are there "have your cake and eat it too" situations. Hard decisions must be made and there are usually positives and negatives. The key problem all leaders face right now is that the public does not want to hear about the negatives but refuses to give up the positives. I don't think Obama has been perfect, but given the political climate I think he's done pretty well. Most important, he seems to be basically in touch with reality, which the House Republicans seem to struggle with.

  14. Kryddor 61 months ago | reply

    Very nice photo

    Keep up the good work!

  15. budderflyman 54 months ago | reply

    I still have hope. I hope Democrats do not sit home the next election.

  16. daveelmore 54 months ago | reply

    I still have hope. And most definitely won't be sitting at home next election!

  17. legend1977 :-) 46 months ago | reply

    Cool!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!!

  18. Devpow 46 months ago | reply

    Keep leapin', Paul!!

    Obama/Biden 2012!!

  19. Paul McRae (Delta Niner) 46 months ago | reply

    Thanks Legend.

    Oh hey Dev. The mural was defaced a few days ago.

    They repainted it yesterday. I think it's even cooler than it was.

  20. That Car 46 months ago | reply

    classy. If you can't beat them, deface them....

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