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Craig Hansen, warming up in the bullpen in the 6th inning.

  1. Plutor 95 months ago | reply

    Brian wanted to see if I could figure out the pitch speed from this picture. 1579 pixels from the pitcher's rubber to home plate. It's 60'6", so that's about 0.4598" per pixel. The baseball streak is 83 pixels long, or 38.16". The shutter speed was 1/60th of a second. So it was moving at 130 mph. I'm pretty sure that not right.

    A number of things are probably screwing up the calculation: 1) perspective, which will be pretty hard to correct for, since I'm not sure how far I was from the ground, 2) maybe the bullpen is shorter than the real field, 3) the shutter speed might not be quite exact.

  2. Bizangles 95 months ago | reply

    You'd also have to subtract the width of the ball from the streak, since it's probably counted twice there.

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