• Jason, standing on his chair.

Me at my desk

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Justin is thinking of standing, and he wanted to see a picture of me at my desk.

  1. baughj 86 months ago | reply


  2. GeoffSudoku 86 months ago | reply

    Ok, picture is done. You can pull the stool back.

    Actually, I have started doing this with my home laptop.

  3. AGorilla 86 months ago | reply

    you need to wear a snappy suit and OWN this

  4. Chris Matta 86 months ago | reply

    Mari wants to know if you're worried about varicose veins?

  5. Plutor 86 months ago | reply

    Nope. Varicose veins are much more strongly linked with heredity than they are with anything else, and my family has no history of them. Plus they're more common in women than in men.

  6. AGorilla 86 months ago | reply

    Mari wants to know when you're getting a snappy suit to serve as a vehicle for owning this.

  7. rosi D 86 months ago | reply

    can you at least shake your tail feathers?
    Try again Logan.

  8. LimeTech 47 months ago | reply

    Thanks for this pic! We've used and credited this on our blog, here:
    Let us know if you have any questions...
    --LimeTech Solutions

  9. sahelcollection 40 months ago | reply

    my handset divice N70.so thank you.

  10. sahelcollection 37 months ago | reply


  11. hisc1ay 35 months ago | reply

    Thanks for making this photo public, Plutor. I used it on my blog today. :)

  12. mherckis 10 months ago | reply

    Logan - Vox is using you as "Office Worker, Fig. 1" www.vox.com/2014/5/20/5731692/the-surprising-history-of-t...
    PS- This is Mitch from Eisner, and I love the Apple 2e

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