2006: 1 photo / 365 days
Some final stats......

Photos of/about/showing:

one or both of my kids: 16
animals: 23
Salem, our neighbor's cat: 3
food: 35
toys: 13
U2: 7
sports: 29
flowers/plants/trees: 45
the U.S. flag: 6

Photos taken:

inside our house: 98
outside our house on our property: 78
outside Washington state: 32
(Number of states represented: 6)

Don't know what this is?

My crazy idea for 2006 was to shoot (at least) one photo per day for the whole year. I wanted to document an entire year of my life, mostly for my own enjoyment, but also as something that my family, kids, etc., might enjoy, too. In other words, this was mainly for me ... if you like it, too, cool.

I knew many photos would be incredibly mundane but, then again, life is sometimes mundane, so that's okay.

My personal comments about the project are included in the December 31st photo.
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