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    Due to my own stupidity, my new Ibis MTB was stolen yesterday. I was really exhausted and came home and forgot to bring it in. While we live in a gated community on the West Oakland / Emeryville border, some local individuals jump our fence on occasion to steal stuff from the cars parked outside. They must have been roaming last night. If you see this bike, please let me know ASAP! Utterly depressed.

    Details: It's a standard black Mojo, size small, with red Thomson faceplate/stem, Thomson seatpost and Fizik Aliante saddle. Red Crank brothers pedals. SLX Shimano group, Ergon GX-1 grips.

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    1. plattyjo 33 months ago

      Thanks all, - I really appreciate it.

    2. SWoo 33 months ago


    3. Bici Girl 33 months ago

      Jenny, I hope you have renter's insurance, you may be able to get your bike replaced. I agree waht Bridget said its not your fault. Also are there any video surveillance cameras in your driveway or around your property??

    4. plattyjo 33 months ago

      Thanks, Steve and PP for your support. We have homeowner's insurance, so I'm going to look into that shortly. No surveillance cameras, though. :(

    5. jason5milliron 33 months ago

      Oh no. That's gut wrenching.

    6. plattyjo 33 months ago

      Yeah, I've moved from the denial mode straight to the depression mode of grieving.

    7. fast boy 33 months ago

      faaaaawwwk! That's like stealing someone's dog. Weak sauce.

    8. plattyjo 33 months ago

      Seriously - I hope it turns up. :(

    9. joško 33 months ago

      nooooooo! pura mierda

    10. Cold Iron 33 months ago

      Serial #? I'll keep my eyes peeled for this one.

    11. plattyjo 33 months ago

      I do have the serial number, but I was thinking it wouldn't be good to share it on the Internets. If you do see an Ibis that matches my description, seize it then get in touch! Take first, ask questions later. :)

    12. Cold Iron 33 months ago

      Found! Currently waiting for you at the PUBLIC store in Jack London Square. Jillian Betterly saves the day!

    13. Alice Stribling 33 months ago

      So thrilled that you got it back, horray!!

    14. plattyjo 33 months ago

      Yes!!! The cycling community and Jillian are bike heroes! Story here!

    15. SWoo 33 months ago

      Wow, so very fortunate!

    16. jason5milliron 33 months ago

      Congrats! Way to go Jillian!

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