Richard Dawson Diptych

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    I love game shows. They're fascinating. They manage to encapsulate the hopes and dreams of the originating society's middle to lower tiers--wrapping expectation, cultural qualities, and the thrill of the game into one exuberant package.

    I did a series of watercolors based on Match Game 74, designed to be viewed as an entire series. The images are small, intimate. When displayed together, they mimic the size of even earlier television sets, but maintain the wild, ambitious, fun-loving colors that predominated 70s television.

    Though many of the celebrities who took part in the long-running Match Game series are now dead, each time an episode is viewed or an image is absorbed, they become alive in the now. Based on several related art theories, when appreciated in the present moment by a living person, art itself becomes art. It becomes activated.

    Here, both art, and the playful spirit of the original show become animated, alive, and integral to the present moment because of you. :-)

    This is a portrait of Richard Dawson, sketched in watercolor while watching an episode. It is paired with the other half of the diptych. Each portrait was designed to be accompanied by a "blank."

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