Stranger #11

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    This is Mihai.

    Standing in the sunshine, this ice-cream van was too tasty to resist.

    What would you like? Cornetto? Tangle Twister? Er... well... would you mind if I took your photograph? Mihai agreed, and came round to the front of the van to stand in front of a scratch above the rear wheel arch. Originally from Romania, Mihai has been in the UK for eight or nine years. He works hard and doesn't get much free time.

    An interesting fact about Mihai? He enjoys swimming.

    This picture is #11 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at the 100 Strangers Flickr Group page.

    Taken at Ranmore Common, near Dorking, UK on 24/03/2012

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    1. inFocusDCPhoto – Young Spanish photographer 24 months ago | reply

      What an awesome picture! Congratulations for being on Explore. Thanks a lot for sharing your work, keep it up!
      Cheers from Spain :)

    2. Terence S. Jones 24 months ago | reply

      another beautiful photo. excellent work! wow!

      Singapore dreaming of bokeh street Perfect Mirror Leic it or not

      Check out my photostream...

    3. plasticfantastic 24 months ago | reply

      I forgot to buy an ice-cream from him. How remiss of me.
      York? That's my home town. Ah, the ic-cream vans of my childhood have made me the man I am today. Mr Softy.
      Much too kind.
      Explore? Nice. Although it's still a mystery to me as to what Explore is or does.
      If you can't beat 'em, join em. Mine's a 99 please.
      Thanks Kris. Very kind indeed.
      Thanks. I like your birds.
      Thanks Noor. Cool is an apt comment for an ice-cream van.
      Thanks David. I like being Explored.
      Thanks Mr Jones. I bet you say that to all the boys...

    4. green-dinosaur 24 months ago | reply

      Love the bright feel of this...iconic sunshine image. ( mind you, ice cream is good in the winter too...)
      Yay. Explored!!

    5. Sprengben [why not get a friend] 24 months ago | reply

      Magnificent Photo, I love how you present it! The shot really deserves Explore.
      I wish a great Thursday!

    6. nigelrumsey 24 months ago | reply

      Excellent work James, Holga shot square on, lovely colours, can't beat it!

    7. plasticfantastic 24 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the comment Nicollette, but the addition of a huge selection of your photos was a little overpowering. Using my photos as an advert for your photos is not the way to 'get your work out there'. Sorry, but I deleted them.

    8. squared2x 24 months ago | reply

      i like this statement almost as much as i like the photo. bravo and thanks for keeping it clean;)

    9. buckaroo kid 24 months ago | reply

      I love that he stood out front for you - and love the individual & human quality these photos have.
      (Yeah, the downside of explore is that it attracts a load of spam!...)

    10. plasticfantastic 24 months ago | reply

      Thanks Kathy. That's so lovely of you to say so. I'm really enjoying the challenge of approaching strangers, although the stress is shortening my life span.

    11. A Quiet Reality 24 months ago | reply

      These are highly addictive!
      I work in retail and have to talk to strangers all day every day. I noticed that people are waiting for opportunities, any opportunity to break the ice, let down their guard and talk. We've all become like little islands, we don't know our neighbours by name, so it's confronting sometimes when a stranger shows kindness or wants to talk to us.

      Sorry to blather on. This is my way of saying I like what you're doing.

    12. plasticfantastic 24 months ago | reply

      You didn't blather on at all. Thanks so much for the comment. It's always so good to read. I could read 'blather' like that all day. Fascinating.

    13. SuperDewa 24 months ago | reply

      Really like this. How great that he posed for you! I hope you got an ice cream too. I keep saying I'm going to do the stranger thing but am too chicken.
      I really don't get people who post their photos in my stream or strangers who send them to me via flickrmail -- do they really want the kind of audience for their photos who falls for that kind of @#$#@?. I usually just block those people, unless I can see that they are well-meaning people who really just don't understand.

    14. plasticfantastic 24 months ago | reply

      I forgot to buy an ice-cream from him as I was too busy making polite chit-chat. If I can do the 100 Strangers, anyone can. I'm the biggest chicken of all. Bigger than you can imagine.
      I guess some people are so desperate for views and comments they'll do anything. Perhaps they should take a look at the reason they take photos in the first place. I mean, I like to receive encouraging comments as much as the next person, but …

    15. gretchenhayhurst 24 months ago | reply

      I am also a chicken to ask strangers of I can take their photo, but I have now done 6 and no one has said 'no' yet. It is still really difficult for me, but I am getting a bit more confident.
      The ice cream in York was delicious. I spent a week there in September. The weather was hot and ice cream was a daily treat. It was a good thing I was walking about 10 miles every day.

    16. Terrorkitten 24 months ago | reply

      FAB! Ideally, I'd like you a little closer. am I being picky?

    17. plasticfantastic 24 months ago | reply

      FAB as in "Real Strawberry and vanilla flavour ice lolly with chocolate flavour coating (5%) and sugar strands (5%)", I presume. You are a funny man. I took another one a little closer, but preferred this one. Oh, did you mean you want me closer to you?

    18. Terrorkitten 24 months ago | reply

      Is that possible? You always feel close, James.

    19. bartholowaty | Photography 23 months ago | reply

      This is fantastic and outstanding photography!!

      Congratulations on Explore!

      best regards
      Bart :-)
      Facebook | Twitter

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