Headshot stage two...

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    Photo taken by lovely Mark Norman Francis. Minor touching up and processing in Aperture. Is this a good picture? Is it better than the other one? Is it worse?

    1. heather ages ago | reply

      i think it's very you.

    2. Dplanet:: ages ago | reply

      better! :)

    3. Tom Coates ages ago | reply

      Oh beautifully put, Heather! Trés elegante! Sneaky minx.

    4. hanni ages ago | reply


    5. megnut ages ago | reply

      Yes, better.

    6. LloydyWeb ages ago | reply

      I like this one better - far more friendly looking. The cityscape in the distance is a nice touch too.

    7. smin ages ago | reply

      Just use this one:

    8. Mirka23 ages ago | reply

      I like your expression, though I have to admit that it sort of looks like you're about to say "when are you going to take the damn picture?"

    9. Seldo ages ago | reply

      This is better than the last one, but I still prefer smin's suggestion.

    10. Tom Coates ages ago | reply

      Okay I'm totally loving smin's suggestion too, although I'm not sure I remember someone taking that picture, which is a bit disturbing. I have done extensive surveys in the meantime and I think I may have one final pitch at headshot moment of the week.

    11. dynamist ages ago | reply

      You're so much hotter than this picture conveys. I like the one Heather Armstrong took of you - here: www.flickr.com/photos/dooce/113125156 - maybe not suitable for most headshot purposes, but sex on a stick. (Why did I originally think you were wearing a straw cowboy hat in this photo, until I looked at it again? Hmm.)

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