• Mummy movie poster.
  • Star Wars "circus poster".
  • Printer/scanner/fax MFP.
  • Sideshow toys Universal Monster figures - Hunchback of Notre Dame, Curse of the Werewolf, Mummy, Wolfman, and Metaluna Monster.
  • Big blown-out Ikea floor lamp - one of two.
  • Credenza which holds many things.
  • Rolling file cart.
  • Kiss circus poster.
  • Creature From the Black Lagoon movie poster.
  • Signed Batman poster by Arthur Suydam.
  • Late 70's Castle Dracula Fun House Colorforms set in shadowbox.
  • Three little silver cube note holders.
  • Much-used shredder.
  • Me with Batman, Two Guys (store), circa 1977.
  • European Watchmen cover/poster featuring Rorschach.
  • Sideshow Toys Universal Monsters Mountain.
  • Kermit the Frog bobblehead.
  • Ralph McQuarrie concept art for Star Wars, featuring Luke and Darth.
  • Boring stuff - phone, bills, pens, business cards... that kind of thing.
  • Spiderman bust.
  • Son of Frankenstein figure from Sideshow Toys.
  • Nosferatu figure.
  • Die cast Batmobiel - very heavy.
  • Swedish Chef car.
  • Peter Criss Knucklehead.
  • Chewbacca, original bust from Randy Bowen, and Toonsylvania figures.
  • Kiss Psycho Circus figures.
  • Universal Monsters busts, from a DVD box set.
  • Cyclops, Batman, The Flash and a more classic Batman.
  • Godzilla mini poster.
  • Adventures of Captain Marvel serial mini poster.
  • Dr. Cyclops mini poster.
  • Pencil desk.
  • You missed the light switch - Trevor Coultart


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- the functional stuff -
Writing desk area for administrative work. This is a "pencil desk" purchased from Amazon, with just one small drawer suitable for a few pens, notepads, and pencils. A rolling hanging folder cart is on the left of the desk, and a small shredder sits beneath it. This is where the bills get paid, sketches get drawn, and phone calls get answered.

- the fun stuff -
The right side of the credenza is bordered by a Mummy poster, with Sideshow Toys beneath it. That's the Hunchback of Notre Dame, Curse of the Werewolf, Mummy, Wolfman and the Metaluna Monster. Around the corner is the Star Wars "Circus Poster", a Kiss limited edition circus-themed poster, Creature from the Black Lagoon poster, Arthur Suydam Batman poster, Castle Dracula Colorforms box lid from the 70's, a few smaller classic postcards, Ralph McQuarrie concept art from Star Wars, a picture of me with Batman (a visitor to my father's Two Guys store in the late 70's), and a European Watchmen cover, in poster form, featuring Rorschach. Figures on the shelves are Chewbacca, a Randy Bowen original bust, some friends from Toonsylvania, McFarlane's Kiss Psycho Circus figures, Universal Monsters busts of Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster and the Wolfman, Cyclops, Batman, The Flash and a more classic Batman. A die cast Batmobile is below the Rorschach poster, and the museum shelves hold Sideshow Toys' Universal Monsters Mountain, a Kermit the Frog bobblehead bust, Nosferatu by Sideshow Toys, a Swedish Chef car, Spiderman, a stray Son of Frankenstein from Sideshow, and that's Peter Criss's head peeking out from below.

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  1. lantzilla ages ago | reply

    Great balance of simplicity and character!

  2. ←JoMilla ages ago | reply


  3. J George Ko ages ago | reply

    what kind of shelving system is that, particularly the floor based one.

  4. PlasmicSteve ages ago | reply

    The shelves themselves aren't actually sitting on the floor - they're mounted to the wall. They're called "museum shelves", but I can't remember where I found them.

    The other shelves - the brushed metal and the wood - are from Target. Hope that helps.

  5. Lawrence Behan ages ago | reply

    Lots of cool stuff! Great.

  6. 4Durt ages ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for the Show Me group:

    Show Me Around Your Room or Home Office!
    Love to have your photo added to the group!

  7. polite frame [deleted] ages ago | reply

    I really like the way you've setup the posters.

  8. hero-haven ages ago | reply

    Pretty cool!

  9. sturdy discussion [deleted] ages ago | reply

    This is my dream room.

  10. s_i_t_h_l_o_r_d 119 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called sweet setup, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  11. CarlosPCMac 110 months ago | reply

    Wow... awesome!

  12. Pedal2Metal 69 months ago | reply

    Two Guys store! wow, that brings back memories!

  13. ingrid eulenfan 65 months ago | reply

    Fantastic shot! LG. Ingrid!

  14. ingrid eulenfan 65 months ago | reply

    Fantastic shot and presentation!

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