Random Pictures of South America Trip
Random Pictures of My Last Trip.

I'm Back:

After having the most amazing trip of all, saddly I'm finally back home again :(, but holidays end and life goes on ... after seeing a few of the most amazing places on earth (Machu Pichu in Peru, Torres Del Paine National Park in Chile, Lost Glaciares National Park and Perito Moreno in Argentina) I must say I accomplished what wanted on this trip and soon I'll start to work on my next one ... destination? yet to be decided ...

The only thing I'm sure about is: I am already one day closer to my next holiday

Some numbers:

The main distances I covered in 23 days

33.879 KMs / 21.050 miles

On a Bus
1400 kms / 870 miles

210 kms / 130.5 miles

Some Facts:

- got altitude sickness in Peru
- my feet are full of blisters
- my heart is full of happiness
- over 4000 pictures which will be here soon

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