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Engaging Responsible Travel: Games and Social Web Challenges #FlickrFriday #MosselBay @GetMe2MosselBay @ThisTourismWeek | by planeta
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Engaging Responsible Travel: Games and Social Web Challenges #FlickrFriday #MosselBay @GetMe2MosselBay @ThisTourismWeek

Social Web games developed for the May 2015 Engaging Responsible Travel Presentation








Games and Social Web Challenges


EngageRT Social Web Challenge: Take photos and share online. Give yourself one point for each successful upload and another point for interac stion (likes, favorites, comments) .

Remember, photos and videos from Mossel Bay should include the hashtag #MosselBay


Take me to the water - Show us local water conservation and recreation.

Flickr Group: World Water -


Name that tree –Share a photo of a tree that catches your attention. Bonus points for flowering trees. If you don’t know the name of the tree, title the picture 'What is the name of this tree?'

Flickr Group: World Trees -


Eat or drink something delicious. Visit a locally-owned restaurant and try a regional delicacy. Flickr Group: World Food -


Find Responsible Travel on the map - Take a photo of people interacting with a local map. Get their permission (of course!) and share the picture with a brief description. Bonus points if the map is also available online.


Tweet your neighbor - Don't be shy. Reply and retweet the posts from other participants.

If you cannot tweet, retweet. Bonus points for vrywilligetweetisme


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Taken in May 2015