SLAM 2011
Photo credit Rick Pollock

8th Annual SLAM

May 7, 2011 | World Premiere

CONTROL_ALT_DELETE by Eric Samuelsen, featuring Joe Debevc, John Graham and Christy Summerhays, directed by Marcine Lake.

CONTROL_ALT_DELETE by Kathleen Cahill, featuring Stephanie Howell, Topher Rasmussen and Latoya Rhodes, directed by Tracy Callahan.

CONTROL_ALT_DELETE by Jenifer Nii, featuring Tyson Baker, Jay Perry and Yolanda Wood, directed by Larry West.

CONTROL_ALT_DELETE by Julie Jensen, featuring Teri Cowan, April Fossen and Andy Rindlisbach, directed by Kirt Bateman.

CONTROL_ALT_DELETE by Matthew Ivan Bennett, featuring Carleton Bluford, Mark Fossen and Deena Marie Manzanares, directed by Kay Shean.

Designed by Cheryl Ann Cluff (Sound), Jesse Portillo (Lighting) and Randy Rasmussen (Set). Stage Managed by Jennifer Freed.
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