Photo credit Plan-B Theatre Company.

By Moises Kaufman and Members of Tectonic Theater Project. July/August 2001.

Directed by Jerry Rapier.

City Weekly Slammy/Arty Awards:
Best Theatre Production
Best Playwright: Moises Kaufman, et al
Best Actor: Charles Lynn Frost
Best Director: Jerry Rapier

Featuring Kirt Bateman, Colleen Baum, Anita Booher, Cheryl Ann Cluff, Joyce Cohen, Charles Lynn Frost, Carl Nelson, Jedadiah Schultz.

Designed by Cheryl Ann Cluff (Sound); Randy Rasmussen (Set); Chelsi Stahr (Costumes); Cory Thorell (Lighting).

Stage Managed by Britney Burgess.

First licensed production worldwide.
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