SLAM 2009
Photo credit Rick Pollock

May 30, 2009 | World Premiere

BLACK & WHITE by Debora Threedy, featuring Teri Cowan, Teresa Sanderson and Jason Tatom, directed by Alexandra Harbold.

POMP & CIRCUMSTANCE by Jenifer Nii, featuring Colleen Baum, Carleton Bluford and April Fossen, directed by Tracy Callahan.

SMOKE SIGNALS by Kathleen Cahill, featuring Mark Fossen, Stephanie Howell and Jayne Luke, directed by Robin Wilks-Dunn.

STICKS & STONES by Christopher Larsen, featuring Elizabeth Howell, Tracie Merrill and Rhiannon Ross, directed by Marcine Lake.

TERMS OF USE by Matthew Ivan Bennett, featuring Kirt Bateman, Anita Booher and David Spencer, directed by Christy Summerhays.

Designed by Cheryl Ann Cluff (Sound), Jesse Portillo (Lighting) and Randy Rasmussen (Set). Stage Managed by Jennifer Freed.
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