Bento How-to: Custom Mayo Cup

Pictured examples:

Marie cup -> design filed off -> round sakura sticker added

Mickey cup -> design filed off -> transparent duck sticker added

Hello Kitty cup -> design filed off -> transparent glittery hello kitty sticker added -> tape on top to secure glitter


Pictured at bottom: cutting out the tape and parchment paper circle


You will need:

plastic mayo cup for bento


clear glossy mailing/storage tape, 2" wide


multi sided nail file (coarse grit to buff/polish, 7 sided file is best)

piece of Reynolds parchment paper (found in the baking aisle)

fine point sharpie


Step 1: Using circular motions, file the design off of the lid. Begin with the coarsest grit, and file until the design is gone. Then proceed down through the grits, continuing in circular motions. Buff/polish the surface until it is smooth.


Step 2: Apply a sticker. Opaque round stickers are best, but other shapes will work too- if there is a border around the image, you can just trim it off with cuticle scissors. Transparent stickers with a white ground under the color image also work well. Take your time and be exact when applying the sticker, you want it to be centered and even with the hinge. The best type of stickers to use for this are those made of plastic or that are plastic coated. If you are using any sticker that is not glossy plastic (made of porous material such as paper, fabric, or one with unsealed glitter) you must proceed to step 3. These stickers need a final layer of tape so that they do not absorb food particles and become bacteria laden. Plastic stickers do not need a final layer of tape, but adding it makes for a nicer look. I wouldn't recommend using fur or felt textured stickers, as these tend to make the tape peel back.


Step 3: Apply a strip of glossy mailing tape to a square of parchment paper. Turn mayo cup upside down and trace the outline with a fine point sharpie. Cut well inside (2-3mm) the line using scissors. You want the tape circle to be smaller than the lid itself, so it doesn't hang over the curved edge. Peel back the tape from the parchment paper and apply on top of the sticker, being sure to center it and press firmly from the center outward to prevent air bubbles. Use the edge of your fingernail to press the tape so it sticks well around the edges of the sticker.


Your cup is finished!


You can also use this technique on:

-Soy bottles: just pull or cut off the heat shrink design sleeve, add a sticker, and secure it with 1/2 inch scotch tape.

-Spreader cups/Side dish boxes: Same as mayo cup- sand off the design, trace the lid on tape/parchment, add a sticker, cover with tape.


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  • pkoceres 8y

    BTW, this was made for Biggie*, who requested info about customizing mayo cups last year. Sorry it took me so long to get to this! *_*
  • kaoko 8y

    Fantastic tutorial! Now I know what to do with the spare HK cups I have lying around. Thankies for sharing :D

    Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)
  • pkoceres 8y

    kaoko: Thank you! : )
  • aJ Gazmen 8y

    how creative!
    and, thank you for spicing up my sauce cups with variety now.
    great idea, bento buddy!

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)
  • K F 8y

    Oh this is great! I'd like some plain or themed cups as well (with a soot sprite of course!) and I only ever find the original samples you've shown. Huzzah, I can customize my own.
  • pkoceres 8y

    KateFord: Ooh, that's a good idea! I never see Miyazaki-themed sauce containers.
  • Lunch in a Box 8y

    Ooh, ooh! I just saw this!!! Fantastic -- I'll do a blog entry and point people here for the how-to. (EDIT: My Lunch in a Box blog entry linking to this photo is here.)
  • K F 8y

    The only step I'm not following is the parchment paper. Isn't parchment a porous paper which means the tape would be stuck to it? Or, is it waxy, like waxed paper, so can be peeled off again, once cut?
  • pkoceres 8y

    KateFord: Parchment paper is coated in silicone, so the tape won't stick. It just makes it easier to cut out the tape. : ) Just make sure you buy the Reynolds brand that comes on a roll - some of the generic ones are porous and they won't work.
  • Jessica D'Amico 8y

    Truly awesome idea, thank you so much!
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