Stealing My Bike

Security footage of two jerks casually walking into the garage at 475 Sansome St, clipping my lock, stealing my bike, and casually walking out.


The guy is wearing Adidas shoes and is less than 6' tall. The woman has dark curly hair, carries a dark pink helmet and a bag with a big logo on it. Both are clearly experienced bike thieves.


If you have any information about this theft or recognize either of the people involved, please get in touch.

  • traciw PRO 4y

    Ugh, Phil. I am so sorry your bike got stolen. I got a sick feeling watching that video.
  • Bertrand Fan PRO 4y

    Ugh, watching that other video and then reading the owner's comment - they were a new employee and brought their bike to work thinking they could bring it to their desk and the security wouldn't let them do that so they bought a cable lock at Ace Hardware nearby. Class-Y building.
  • Phil King PRO 4y

    Bert, that is exactly what happened to me. I had to buy a lock at Walgreens on my first day. Never upgraded because we work in a classy "safe" building.
  • Sergey Morozov PRO 4y

    Phil, you may want to put a full reddit url in the description. Short url is no worky with iframe
  • wildnixon 4y

    Jack asses....that frame clearly was too big for him....I hope he hit his junk real hard on the sushi bar!!!
  • Phil King PRO 4y

    Thanks, fixed the reddit link.
  • Scott PRO 4y

    That stinks. Hopefully these two criminals are caught.
  • Nicolas MONNET 4y

    Bertrand Fan That's why I always remove the seat (quick release). that would have also helped the OP, casual thiefs wouldn't have bothered if there was no seat.
  • Dee Speed PRO 4y

    OMG. This is ass. I'm sorry Phil.
  • Rico Xxuuave 4y

    Looks like the same asshole as this:

    And maybe this:

    Same black bag o tricks.
  • Phil King PRO 4y

    Rico Xxuuave Holy shit, yeah. The first video you posted looks similar to the guy who took my bike, at least from the bag. Savages in this town.
  • Irving Hwang 4y

    Really sorry about your bike. I wonder if there is LoJack for bicycles. There is for motorcycles. Or is there a way to attach a GPS device on a second bike, plant it and see if they are stupid enough to come back.

    Interesting site on recovering your bike:
  • Tara Suan PRO 4y

    I'm so sorry to hear (late) about your bike. Any progress on tracking down the criminals?
  • Phil King PRO 4y

    Tara Suan Not really... I heard from someone via craigslist that they might have seen the robbers around 18th and Valencia St in the Mission, and then again at the Portrero Safeway. He said he'd call the cops if he saw them again. Earlier someone had contacted me saying she thought she recognized the woman (or cross dresser?) from her existing criminal record at the SOMA Whole Foods. So who knows? There's a police report and I shared all of this with them, as well as the video, but I've never actually heard anything back from SFPD.
  • *goast 4y

    I work as a legal courier in San Francisco and Ive seen these two on numerous occasions, the latest being a few weeks ago out side of San Francisco Superior Court. I was standing around with another courier and we watched the same sketchy behavior as exhibited in your video. When they saw that they were being watched the female approached me and "asked for a cigarette" I flat out told her I knew she and her man man were scoping bikes, she swore up and down they were not. Not a minute after I left the couple swiped a brooks saddle and made a run for it up Macallister street. I haven't seen them since.
  • Phil King PRO 4y

    Thanks Goast - this pair seems like a real problem. I've heard from someone else that they were also seen around 18th & Valencia and the Portrero Safeway. I'll pass this info along to the police when I talk to them after new years.
  • *goast 4y

    They are well known among the legal couriers who work in civic center, there has been about ten thefts in 2011 all outside of the courthouse and most of them being brooks saddles, I dont know if its those two responsible for every theft, but I'm willing to bet they had there hands in at least half of them, sorry you had to lose a bike, I know how that feels.
  • Kevin PRO 4y

    Phil King Phil, you might be interested in this article

    *goast Hey, I remember you.
  • Phil King PRO 4y

    Kevin That was actually a pretty good read, Kevin, thanks. I have a new bike and a beefier ulock now. And the cage downstairs at the office (finally!) has electronic access, so the door is actually locked. Someone could easily draft in behind someone, but hopefully some careful locking with keep the scumbag meth-heads away from my ride.

    No word from the cops about my police report, of course.
  • Jamal Fanaian 3y

    Damn, that's awful :(

    Really sorry that happened.
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