• Thomas Pynchon's "Gravity's Rainbow". This book should not be tossed aside gently, but thrown forcefully into a great inferno.
  • This book is incredibly interesting. It's also incredibly, impenetrably slow. Some day, I swear I'll finish it.
  • The secrets of life, the universe, and everything.
  • What can I say? It's John von Neumann's seminal work. Who wouldn't want to read it?
  • What can I say? Somebody left it in my laundry room.
  • I still don't know who John Galt is.
  • This guy got a Nobel prize for a drawing on a napkin. Totally my hero.
  • What do drug addled androids dream of?
  • Oreos + Coca-Cola = Breakfast of Champions
  • The Deliverator belongs to an elite order, a hollowed subcategory. He's got esprit up to here. Right now, he is preparing to carry out his third mission of the night.

    This book has the best first chapter ever, and it just keeps being awesome after that.
  • f yu wnt t rd a gd Jms Glk bk, rd "Genius" instd.
  • Sometimes, the stars line up?

the morning after

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My friend Paul moved back to London this Friday. I inherited some book shelves from him, as they weren't worth shipping overseas. So late last night, I rummaged around the house for all the books which weren't shelved (which as you all know is usually at least a few dozen), and randomly tossed them onto the new shelving in my bedroom.

This is what I saw when I woke up this morning.

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