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Battle for Capitol Hill | by PizzaMovies Productions (PMP)
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Battle for Capitol Hill

"Years have passed since the aliens first landed in 1943, and only a few nations still stand independant. The US has been split in two and the aliens finally march on DC. The Americans' defense is desperate. It will most certainly be a bloody battle."


My entry for the Annual LEGO Military Group Build.


This will be a movie set in the future for my alternate history series.


In this MOC, the remnants of the US Army along with elements of the "Special Tasks Group" (the dudes with the prototype weaponry made from stolen alien technology) put up a valient defense of the capitol from the aliens, who call themselves, "The Race".


After years of conflict, DC is in ruins and nobody has kept up with maintaning the grounds.


Along with that, the Americans have planted and let grow as much foliage as possible, being that grass slows down the alien hovertanks.


The trench is the part of the MOC I'm really "proud" of, being that it was very difficult to make and keep standing with the platforms.


And you have no idea what kind of hell it was to photograph this, so please excuse the mediocre photography.


C&C welcome and encouraged.

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Taken on May 20, 2010