steampunk treehouse

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    the party wouldn't stop for sunrise

    Steampunk Treehouse
    by Sean Orlando
    Imagine a world in which there aren't natural trees anymore…maybe there are a few left in special National Maximum Security Parks. Maybe the memory of a tree is so far gone from living memories that people try to recreate what they imagine they've lost using another sort of Romantic imagery, one of machinery, scavenged gears, gathered belts, haunted steam pipes, gleaned gauges, rusty metal and gobs and gobs of steam. In short, though our natural world may change, the human drive to connect with it and one another remains; it is second nature. Enter the Steampunk Tree House!


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    1. El Panthersnake ages ago | reply

      steampunk is my new favorite genre.

    2. dogseat ages ago | reply

      bring that shit on tour

    3. urbanlatinfemale ages ago | reply

      That looks awesome.

    4. El Panthersnake ages ago | reply

      oh, it's here! i'm on it... my steam powered blackberry keeps scalding me though.

    5. surgery ages ago | reply

      it's like star wars or some shit

    6. DELPHINES ages ago | reply

      What a wonderful picture !
      Great composition!

    7. Pamela Drouin ages ago | reply

      I'm speechless.


    8. brainware3000 ages ago | reply

      that's it.. i have GOT to burning man

    9. florence w. pie ages ago | reply

      i think i need to just fav all your burning mans.

    10. diggle ages ago | reply

      literally building a treeand a house!
      i found one in the alps - middle of no-where, huge mofo treehouse!

    11. elainevdw ages ago | reply

      This was one of my favorite installations at Burning Man! Thanks for the link to its website, too. It's cool to read more about it.

    12. ThisRoughMagic ages ago | reply

      Very Mad Maxish. Luvit!

    13. The Humungus ages ago | reply

      Though Steam Punk is cool, It does resemble buildings from Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.

    14. so_xxbreathless ages ago | reply

      Ahhhh- I'm in love. This is brilliant. I want to move in.

    15. goddess of fervor ages ago | reply

      I need to go...I wanna be a Burner...great foto!

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