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Nanotectonica examines the relationship between natural and architectural systems in the context of emerging technologies. It is a research and production project, which studies structures and organizations as they occur in nature at multiple scales. It utilizes generative design and fabrication techniques to arrive at intricate architectural assemblies. The exploration is based on the study of recent architectural history and a lineage of naturalists, engineers and designers who pioneered ecological thinking and building.

Nanotectonica focuses on incorporating micro- and nanostructures into the architectural design process. It studies the pairing of nanotechnology with algorithmic design and production tools for a deeper understanding of natural systems. Electron microscopy, parametric modeling and digital fabrication are integrated into a generative process of architectural research and fabrication.

Nanotechnology and algorithmic tools enable expanded and deeper investigations into natural structures. At the same time, a new understanding of living systems emerges. The search is not limited to the phenotypical expressions of nature, but seeks to decipher its organizing principles. The analytical routines of an evolved scientific method allow us to speculate on the underlying systems of biological processes.


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