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Case in action

You can use the camera while it's sitting in it's case. Very handy, and it looks quite classy around the neck.


Here's my new Braun Paxette (1950's rangefinder)


A few thoughts on this camera:


Has some very great features, removable lens, very solid case f-stops that actually click in place, although it's lacking some of the awesome features that a couple of my other rangefinders have.


The rangefinder is not coupled, and also is very inaccurate in my case, so all the photos i've taken with it are just by guessing with zone focusing.


The film counter does not have 2-3 notches before the film starts so you have to shoot 2-3 shots first, then reset the counter to 36 again. It does count down though, which is pretty cool. That way you don't forget how many shots are in the roll.


The film winder is double stroke, so it requires more effort to advance the film a full frame. The winder is very comfortable, so it's not too bad.


This is a great camera overall. I'm quite happy with the results it's given me.

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Taken on September 11, 2009