Blister in the Sun

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♫ Violent Femmes – Blister in the Sun ♫

Even though this is the lake, doesn't that fiery sun make you feel hot? That you are "blistering in the sun?" With a heat dome hovering over the Plains and the Midwest, everyone will be sweltering in triple digit temperatures and extreme humidity this week.

The last time we had a heat wave like this, we were camping in Upper Peninsula, Michigan. It was nice & cool up there on Lake Superior. When we came home, we discovered that all of our poor fish had died! *Many Tears* The house was an oven and smelled awful. We had forgotten to turn the A/C on (it worked back then).

Speaking of A/C, this morning I broke down and called the A/C man. We really don't want to end up like our fish!


Happy "HOT" Soundtrack Monday and Keep Cool Everyone!

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  1. karith 44 months ago | reply

    A lava lake!:))) Great color and shimmer. Hope the heat wave breaks soon!

  2. Andy Kennelly 44 months ago | reply

    what's not to love here!

  3. <aviary> [deleted] 44 months ago | reply

    love this song and what beautiful tones, Trina.

  4. susivinh 44 months ago | reply

    Gorgeous light. Simply stunning!

  5. Grapefruit Moon (Barb) 44 months ago | reply

    you caught some great light on this beautiful capture!

  6. thisisray 44 months ago | reply

    Awesome tones! The exposure is just right for the light ...

    Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

  7. Sonora Guy 44 months ago | reply

    So, you called the AC man, did you? I'm sure he rushed right over. Not. He probably told you he had about 47 people in front of you and he could see you, oh say, around October. And then it's gonna cost about $450 bucks just for him to tell you they don't make parts for that old thing anymore. I think you'd be better off just buying movie tickets everyday, or spending an awful lot of time at the mall. So sorry. It's been a wonderful, mild summer here so far, but I'm sure we're due for some heat pretty soon.

    Love the isolation on your boat. Between the color and the clarity, it looks like its popping out of the picture. Neat.

  8. pavicha 44 months ago | reply

    the light and the pink tones are so summery! Love this image!

  9. 1crzqbn 44 months ago | reply


  10. Chris Blizzard 44 months ago | reply

    Happy Belated Soundtrack Monday :) I'm now trying to catch up with all the shots in the group... I've had a couple of weeks of laziness...
    I had to scan through the comments here to see if I'd already commented... apparently not. But I do recognise the shot :) it's beautiful :)

  11. TW Collins 43 months ago | reply

    Howdy Miss Trina,
    Your photo is First Runner Up in the *Simply Perfect* Top 20 for July 2011.
    Congratulations and many thanks!

    Not only is this a treat to visit again, it is also nice to know that we both share a love for the Great Lakes. :~)

    Wishing you and yours a wonderful weekend, Darlin'!

  12. EzekielGonzalez 37 months ago | reply

    Your stream is absolutely beautiful.. I just want to favorite all your photos.. Im lost for words..

  13. d:a 31 months ago | reply

    awesome shot! great lights!

  14. Mynaz 30 months ago | reply

    Truly amazing shot and processing!

  15. 6º of Kevin Bacon 30 months ago | reply

    wow I so love this shot....mostly for the exceedingly artful way you have captured but also for the choice of that trusty little sloop as subject! good stuff!

  16. Carol___C 18 months ago | reply

    Love the warmth and this photo. Wonderful...

  17. Carol___C 18 months ago | reply

    I love your work!

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