328/365: Pure Michigan: Let unspoiled nature revive our spirits

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    Wednesday • November 24, 2010

    A Week of Fences: Day 3

    I drove over to Warren Sand Dunes in Michigan yesterday. I used to go there as a kid quite frequently and it has been a few years since I've been here. I took this photo for my friend Renee who spent time here many years ago as well! It looks EXACTLY the same!

    There were only a few people in the park since it was about 20° with the wind chill and then they departed soon after; and I had the park to myself! I spent three hours hiking and even hiked up to the top of the largest sand dune (Tower Hill), which rises 240 feet above Lake Michigan.

    When we were kids, we'd hike to the top and we'd roll back down, reaching the bottom much quicker of course and looking like giant sugar cookies! We would do this repeatedly, with dips in the lake in between. I didn't partake in this activity yesterday!

    Today is pie baking day, and our Thanksgiving will be spent with family. I pick up Jack from the train today and her dad is spending the night at his brothers to help get everything going (his job being the turkey)! Rachel will be spending the day with friends in San Antonio and I am sad she won't be with us but we plan on Skyping with her tomorrow!

    Happy Bokeh Wednesday & Happy Thanksgiving to all of my wonderful Flickr Friends in the U.S.
    I figured not many will be around tomorrow!

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    1. Soleil is me. 52 months ago | reply

      BRAVO!; Greeting from Bangkok. You got talent:)


      INSPIRE Invite ONLY
      You are INVITED to display this wonderful photo
      in the INSPIRE Pool
      Be happy, be smile the world will smile with you:)

    2. vi.llette 52 months ago | reply

      great shot. love the lines. looks like a wonderful place to visit. HFF!

      "Seen in ~~fence friday~~ "

      late summer

    3. Linda MPH 52 months ago | reply

      great lines HFF

    4. _el argonauta 52 months ago | reply

      Really wonderful mood... I love this shot HFF

    5. pavicha 52 months ago | reply

      Beautiful composition! The colors are so beautiful!

    6. ¡TK! 52 months ago | reply

      braving the elements surely pays off. you make the lakes look like the beach. i bet you could make a small killing letting Lakes tourism use your pics.

      a Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you and your family. :)

    7. patchworkbunny 52 months ago | reply

      Love those patterns, HFF!

    8. K~Dobbins 52 months ago | reply

      Oh Trina! I love how you make Lake Michigan look so tropical!!!! Sigh~

    9. Jaime973 52 months ago | reply

      Wow!!! This is gorgeous! when I first saw it in the thumbnail I thought it was a shot from one of your trips to the ocean. How lucky you are to be this close to such a beautiful landscape. Love the ripples in the dunes and the color of the water. It makes me feel warm even though you were probably freezing your backside off!

    10. Kathy Carey 52 months ago | reply

      used to go here too when i was much younger--the beach looks all sunny and warm. yeah, right. beautiful capture

    11. AlpineEdge 52 months ago | reply

      I'd take this any day.

    12. hms_chic 52 months ago | reply

      Are you sure this is Michigan? Because this could be straight out of any travel brochure for the east coast shores of my youth. Beautiful image that brings me back to the summer. I'm glad you braved the cold, so we could enjoy the sunshine!

    13. stjernesol 52 months ago | reply

      oooh, this is gorgeous..!

    14. Stacie was here... 52 months ago | reply

      Funny, it looks like a perfectly warm day for heading to the beach!

    15. Paras A Allana [without a camera now] 51 months ago | reply

      great lines. it adds so much to the image

    16. Brianna Tepper 51 months ago | reply

      absolutely love the grain and color in this!

    17. lisa ♡ 51 months ago | reply

      wow!!! that sure is beautiful!

    18. basker604 51 months ago | reply

      Used to go there in the summer in my high school and University days. I remember the sand being blazing hot and squeaking as you walked.

      Did you see the rope on top of the dune people would swing off of and land into the sand below?

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