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Painted Stork - portrait EXPLORE: Mar 2, 2009 #17 | by Angad Achappa
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Painted Stork - portrait EXPLORE: Mar 2, 2009 #17

Painted Stork Mycteria leucocephala :

The Painted Stork is tall and slender, standing about 3 feet tall. It is mostly white in color, with black and white markings on its wing and chest feathers. It also has light pink on its lower back. Its legs are pink also. Its head is partly bare of feathers, and is orange-red in color, and its bill is long, yellowish, and slightly curved towards the end. Both male and female look the same, though the female is slightly smaller in height. Diet will largely consist of fish and frogs.



Camera: Canon EOS 400D

Lens: Sigma 135-400mm

Shutter speed: 1/500sec

ISO: 100

Aperture: F/5.6


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Taken on February 28, 2009