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ok, so i was tagged by wonderful mr. NG Kelven so here are 10 random facts about me (the first that crossed my mind) and my selfie. what a weird-nervous-mad face here:(, sorry about that, but i didn't have much time or nerves to pose for myself!

i am tagging you ten flickr guys so please keep on the game! i can put only 10 people:( (i will try more;))


if i remember the rules correctly, 9 facts are true, one is false (can you guess which is a lie here)?

*** i also want to thank you all for your visiting and all the nice words, means a lot!!

here it is!


1. my biggest addiction is music. can not live without it one minute, just everywhere and anytime. people around me are often annoyed beacuse i have my ear phones on;)


2. my real hair colour is blond, but for many years I have it red-ish


3. i adore all things about Italy, sometimes I am so obsessed that I forget I am not an italian! Adore the language, food, music, movies, culture, people, .... just everything!


4. my favourite scent is vanilla, i love just everything that has vanilla smell! yummi!


5. i am a vegeterian. the primary reason: i hate meat. the secondary is all the simpathy for animals


6. i have one phobia, a fear of crossing bridges. it is called gephirophobia. I can not go across brigdes, at least the big ones (for small ones I have somehow found the way to handle)


7.i hate going to cinema as i can not sit still for so long (even if the movie is only 1:20:))


8. i wanted to be a meteorologist, and was fascinated with severe weather (still am)


9. i have a tatoo on my ankle, saying La vita è bella (Life is beautiful)


10. i am afraid of the dogs; when i was little girl a dog cut off my arteries so i ended in hospital. i avoid dogs ever since (you could say it is a child trauma;))


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Taken on November 10, 2010