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2009.166 . Stratego! | by pipilo
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2009.166 . Stratego!

A winning setup, but only by a few canceling accidents. As I was sweeping up Matt's 3-5 pieces, he suddenly took my 2 with his 1, my Spy with a 9, and my 1 with his Spy. So I had several pieces that could take anything that he moved, as long as I kept track of his 1 and 2. And he could easily take any of my pieces that moved, if he kept track of which pieces actually moved. With a multitude of distractions in the room, I lost several pieces to bombs and his two superiors.


Fortunately, for me, he had lost more Miners (8's) and was down to just one, and heading for my bomb near the lower left corner, behind which was one of my 4's. He cleared everything out of the corner with his 1 and led his last Miner to its sad death. Meanwhile, I moved as many of my remaining pieces toward his side and away from his 1. With two or three 8's at my disposal, finding his flag was easy enough before his 1 could come down and do sufficient damage to secure the stalemate.


My win really should have been easier, but the see-saw battle was more fun for both of us. :)

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Taken on June 15, 2009