frozen cubes spinach

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    the other day i was at costco with my sister and i found a great box of spinach. the thing is, i'm really the only one who likes spinach, and because we're talking COSTCO, it was big. what to do? she had a great idea; steam the spinach and freeze it for later use. awesome! i packed it into an ice-cube tray, then when they were frozen (overnight) i took them out and put them in a bag for later use. i can pull out a cube or two when i want to add them to spaghetti sauce, eggs, or whatever.

    1. Lis Rock 87 months ago | reply

      that is BRILLIANT!

    2. Awesome Joolie 87 months ago | reply

      Yeah! I do the same thing with fresh basil.

    3. pinprick 87 months ago | reply

      ooh, if i ever grew enough fresh basil, i would totally do this to it too.

      man, i really wish i could take credit for this idea. however, my sister went to culinary school so she deserves the credit.

    4. Lorika13 87 months ago | reply

      What a great idea!

      My neighbor does this with pesto.

    5. ERIK98122 87 months ago | reply

      Popeye approved! Great idea!

    6. wixlet 87 months ago | reply

      that's what people who make baby food usually do, too. it's an excellent idea for spinach--i will definitely steal it for next time!

    7. bad_idea_dinosaur 87 months ago | reply

      shoot thats a good idea. i do this for baby food but would be good for grown up food too. my spinach always goes bad and my basil always ends up rotting outside in the planter...

    8. vitaman 82 months ago | reply

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    9. ryotarotakao2 41 months ago | reply

      I used your photo in my blog post.
      Thank you.

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