Venezia barocca. La Chiesa degli Scalzi
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Church of the Scalzi
Dedicated to Saint Mary of Nazareth from the Carmelitani Scalzi (Barefoot Carmelites), the church was entrusted to Baldassarre Longhena (1598 1682) in 1660. But it was Giuseppe Sardi, in 1672, who completed the exterior facade, which fairly swarms with decorations, while the interior was faced in polychrome marble in a baroque apotheosis culminating in the enormus machinery of the main altar.
In 1743 Giambattista Tiepolo painted the vault with the "Transportation of the Holy House of Loreto", a fresco that was destroyed in 1915 in an austrian bombardment, only a sketch of it survives, in the Gallerie dell'Accademia. The major decorative projects were undertaken and financed by the Friulan family of the Manin, a recent addition to the Venetian nobility, who pursued ambitious ends partly through religious sponsorship. The last doge of the Venetian Republic, Lodovico Manin, who was deposed in 1797, is buried here.

La Chiesa degli Scalzi a Venezia fu
commissionata a Baldassarre Longhena (1598 1682) dall' Ordine dei Carmelitani Scalzi. Eretta tra il 1660 e il 1680, la facciata fu eretta da Giuseppe Sardi nel 1672.
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