A Specimen Book of Type Faces from Stanza 153 Press
This book was handset & printed on a Challenge Proof Press by the students of DAI 226 Modern Letterpress Printing, San Francisco State University, Spring 2016. Pino Trogu, from the Design Department, was the instructor.
Each student composed & printed a page with a favorite quote & one with a personal design, using a variety of large-size wooden letters & other printing elements. The students also composed & printed the additional pages.
"A Specimen Book of Type Faces from Stanza 153 Press" is our first publication. Sixty numbered copies were assembled & wi re-o bound in Room 153, Fine Arts Building, in May 2016.
Special thanks to Nathan Atkinson, Tom Bier, Kurt Daw, Meredith Eliassen, Les Ferriss, Walter & Norman Hicks, Lizzy Hirsch, Eric Holub, Michael Karner, Friday lunch group, Fritz Klinke, Peter Koch, Diana Kohnke, LCA & DAI at SFSU, Nancy Noble, The Greenwood Press, & Mattie Taormina.
Numbered pages, arranged in alphabetical order by student's last name, include quotes selected and hand-set by each student. Beginning of each quote is given below:
I want — Andy An p.1
Parse — Corey Blevins p.2
Because — Garrett Frisbey p.3
Goodbye — Carlos Garcia p.4
When — Francheska Machado p.5
Kites — Travis Mackin p.6
Though — Nella Ocampo p.7
Feet — Natalie Reclosado p.8
The way — Sinclair Riley p.9
Fashion — Jessica Rosario p.10
The function — Shea Sjoberg p.11
The ratchet — Pino Trogu p.12
To live— Audrey Walker p.13
To the uneducated — Kimberly Wong p.14
The world – Lawrence Wong p.15
If there — Loxang Yang p.16
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