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A collection of from Metro Boston Fashion Events and related activities.

Just In - First photos from Boston's Premiere Fashion Event, "Circuit"
Produced by Mass College of Art and Design
This year's theme is named for the location at the South Washington St. Power Station Building.
Cutting edge designs by Boston's newest upcoming designers parade down the Runway to an electronic pulse.
Also see images from the Pre-show preparations, some VIP guests, and the After Party at the Cinquecento.

Joe Malaika is one of Boston's award-winning fashion designers, currently preparing a collection to be pitched to Nordstrom's.
Stay tuned to check out the images for his new Look Book - out soon
Meanwhile, see a sneak preview of images from the Liberty Hotel's "Fashionably Late" event.

Starting off the new year is a gala celebration of Isabel Lopez's winter issue of Original Living fashion magazine, at the Harborside Hotel, State Street, Boston. Isabel Lopez is one of Boston's award-winning fashion designers. She is known for her gowns and spirited evening wear.