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Incredible to think you could create apparel from non-textile materials like spoons, straws, cans, etc. But that is exactly what 1st year students do at Mass College of Art and Design.
See "Wearable Art" and try to determine what was used to create the design.

As fall begins, the Bridal Fashion Show at Chestnut Hill is one to see. This year is the best ever. Styled by Kathy Benharris

In mid August, Isabel Lopez, celebrating the 5th Anniversary of her Original Living Magazine, produced a gala fashion event at Rosaria in Saugus. Gowns painted by Cuban artist Floyd are displayed. Cover girl, Ximena Cordoba cohosts, and Laura Luongo adorns a mermaid design created by Jose Batistine.

Mass College of Art and Design produced a gala fashion show at The Castle at Park Plaza, Boston May 9th. This premiere event displaying student designs from the leasing fashion school on the East coast is unequaled in the area.

Spring is here and the first show of the season is Step Into Spring, produced by Catherine Pisacane of the Smiling Stiletto Shoe Club.

East Coat Alpine Sports presents a collection of ski apparel styled by Kathy Benharris (at the Liberty Hotel, Boston MA)


2015.05.09 Vision

2015.05.09 Vision

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