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Now in its 11th year, The Annual Revere Beach Sand Sculpting competition has grown by 50% adding 5 more artists, 15 in all, to this year's spectacular event. Each year about half a million people come to see the works, attend the festivities, and enjoy a host of performances including fireworks. This year the Centerpiece theme is Boston Strong designed by World Class Sculptor, Meredith Corman to commemorate the solidarity of Metro Boston's citizens in standing with the victims and survivors of the 4-15-13 Marathon.

The design's allusional features embody a giant American Eagle using its talons to crush a large "terrorist" snake, while under it's wings it harbors runners bearing the numbers "617" (Boston's Area Code).

The event get started with the arrival of about 16 tons of special "sculpting" sand on Friday, July 12th. Work on the centerpiece begins immediately by shovelling, watering, and packing the sand into wooden forms one layer at a time until a height of about 12 ft is reached.

By Monday July 15th, the centerpiece begins to take shape as Meredith's crew including artistic volunteers from the Beach association pitch in to carve the elaborate work.

Daily coverage shows progress and evenings capture the nightlights surrounding the bay behind the piles of sand that will be turned into masterpieces by competitors that begin their projects on Wednesday July 17th at 8am. The sculptors begin with wooden forms, however, unlike the preparation and construction for the centerpiece, they must do this alone and unaided - completely by hand - no bulldosers.

Spectators gather, watch, admire, and take photos. State Police cheerfully assist visitors and stand watch over the grownds day and night.

The Festival officially opens on Friday July 19th at 9am and continues through Sunday July 21st. A full SuperMoon harbors over the works on the 22nd.