• Wrapping paper, bags, ribbon and tissue paper. This was under the bed but had to go in the closet when we moved the bed out.
  • Fibers- yarn, crochet thread, embroidery thread and hoops and needles etc.
  • unpainted wood crafty supplies
  • Flowers, leaves, berries- mostly for making wreaths.
  • Acrylic and craft store felt
  • Felted sweaters and scraps of felted sweaters
  • Clothing that is ready to be repurposed and reused in my projects
  • Flannel fabric
  • Cute fabric, mostly fat quarters and 1 yard cuts from the quilt shops
  • Misc. fabric. Some shower curtains I cut up, vintage sheets, upholstery weight stuff and all the other odds and ends.
  • Mostly storage, I have to pull out all the other drawers to get to these. One is frames, one is knickacks I rotate through and the other two are stuff from my childhood/highschool years
  • Quilt batting, interfacing, wonderunder, pelon, freezer paper etc.
  • Tacklebox full of beading stuff
  • Pens, markers, sharpies, colored pens, etc.
  • One box of alphabet stamps and one of foam brushes
  • My grab and go craft box... a little glue, a few pens, some sharp scissors.
  • A few stamps, pads and ink, those edge chalker things for scrapbooking.
  • Adhesives- glue and glue dots and double sided tape
  • Hot glue gun and gluesticks.
  • Scissors, rules, punches, small papercutter
  • Scrapbook embellishments, stickers, rubons, tags, etc.
  • More scrapbook embellishments
  • Large tools- Crop-a-dile, eyelet setter, tag maker and accessories
  • Large stamps and stencils I rarely use
  • Divided tray of brads, eyelets, funky metal do-dads, pretty paperclips, metal letters, etc.
  • Blank cards and envelopes, pre-made cards for me to embellish and stationary
  • Ribbon-
  • Fabric scraps- mostly smaller than 12" square
  • Patterns- one box of clothing and one box of craft patterns
  • My sewing box- scissors, pins, rotary cutter, velcro, zippers, etc.
  • Acrylic Paint and brushes
  • Other artsy supplies- watercolor pencils, crayons, pastel's, watercolor paints, spray adhesive and a few other odds and ends
  • Pastel chalks- I have a lot of these.... I used to work with them all the time and bought a huge box with like 150 in there.
  • Ephemera- old award ribbons, cards, toys, souvenirs, etc. Things I rarely look at but can't throw away. And I might "need" one day.
  • Cards I have received. I have most every birthday card since I was born and a memorable card with a teddy bear on it from my kindergarten teacher that she sent the summer before I started first grade.
  • One this side next to the wall I have a lot of posterboard, large frames, matboard and flattened cardboard boxes.
  • Multicolored paper
  • Patterned Scraps
  • Solid scraps of paper
  • White paper
  • Neutral and Brown colored papers
  • Black and metallic paper
  • Blue paper
  • Purple paper
  • Pink Papers
  • I usually have a big paper cutter here, but it was on my desk
  • Red papers
  • Orange and Yellow papers
  • Green papers

into the closet

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This is the closet in my spare bedroom turned crafty space. Just opening the doors makes me happy.

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  1. ashley.mcelhaney 58 months ago | reply

    Holy Rubbermaid Batman!

  2. melanymaree 58 months ago | reply

    Oh my goodness. I think that I need to add something to my dream home page :) I want that closet.

  3. CarrieRosalind 58 months ago | reply

    Wow! You've used all your space! So cool! :)

  4. Elena @ Hot Pink Stitches 58 months ago | reply

    Wow! Way to be organized, lady! You've inspired me to go to Target and get some more bins :)

  5. Elena @ Hot Pink Stitches 58 months ago | reply

    So now I have to know...what are all the different bin categories you have? I usually classify by craft type, since I have dabbled in so many.

  6. pinksuedeshoe 58 months ago | reply

    OK Pink Stargazer- I have added a note on top of each box telling you what is inside. I hope that helps you out a little. I too have a LOT of different supplies. I like this system because it is very easy to change and rotate and expand. I labeled each box with a Brother labeler and they are super easy to peel off and relabel. Good luck with your bins!

  7. Elena @ Hot Pink Stitches 58 months ago | reply

    Wow! You rock!!! Off to Target I go! :)

  8. Prontip 58 months ago | reply

    This makes me smile...

  9. cerebellum 57 months ago | reply

    ooooh love this. thank you for all the little notes, too! I LOVE pictures like this!

  10. cerebellum 57 months ago | reply

    wait. did you do this during a nap time? because seriously - you need to teach me some time management skills if you did. I suck at managing my nap times. I just want to browse the internet. No work for the lazy girl!

  11. cerebellum 57 months ago | reply

    and now for my next message (I CAN'T STOP!) ... can you give me details about the storage boxes you're using? Rubbermaid? How many and what sizes? I'm curious because it's the PERFECT fit in that closet and I can't seem to get my crap organized no matter HOW HARD I try ... it's all over the basement living room and spilling in to the utility room and, yeah, I keep buying more. I can't figure out a good organizing method, but this seems not only doable, but also like the upkeep wouldn't be too bad. Do you have the front of the boxes labeled? Is this all of your stuff or do you have more stuff somewhere else also? Do you get in this closet every day, or is this more the type of stuff that you use less frequently and have the more frequently used stuff elsewhere?

    I'm sorry that I have so many questions. I'm almost as in love with this as I am your washi tape organizer! ALMOST.

  12. pinksuedeshoe 57 months ago | reply

    Ok, you seriously crack me up! Here's a few answers
    1- I did this closet before I had my baby. But the rest of this room was done after she was mobile. More pictures of that are coming, promise.
    2-Storage Boxes- All from Walmart. It took several trips to fit them all in my little neon. The bottom big one's are actually stacking drawers. But the whole drawer pulls out easily so you can dig through them easily, or so you can move them around without moving the whole closet. I do this often. The next shelf up is all 12x12 paper organizers. They have these at Joann's too. Next shelf up- far right is a tackle box full of my beading stuff. And the rest of those little boxes are clear stacking with hinged lids. They come in three sixes, and all three sizes stack on top of each other neatly. These are a combo of like 6.5x6.5 and 6.5x13 inch boxes. The top shelf is all Rubbermaid lidded boxes. This is just a standard size closet in my standard size spare bedroom. After we hung the shelves (totally adjustable, Rubbermaid Brand from Home Depot) I measured everything. Then I took my list of measurements and a measuring tape and went shopping. And I bought what would fit.
    3- (Am I only on 3? haha :o) The front of every box is labeled with a P-touch labeler. They peel off easily so it's easy to change them.
    4- This is almost all my stuff. I have a few things that stay on my little desk and a bookcase with fabric and books and canvas's and stuff.
    5- These closet doors are almost always open. I get in here every single day. My desk is on the wall directly opposite this closet, so when I need something it's easy to turn around and find it. But when I did this closet originally this bedroom was being used as a bedroom. So I picked the system I did so that I could easily carry the few boxes I wanted to use into the dining room and do my crafty business on the table.
    6- Tape organizer plans coming this month. I swears!

  13. permanent magenta 56 months ago | reply

    Absolutely remarkable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Fnin9 56 months ago | reply

    my god is amaizing....

  15. retrogression 54 months ago | reply

    I am overwhelmed with envy.

  16. ' Lola 53 months ago | reply


  17. radonesque 49 months ago | reply

    OMG, I love this.

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