One Week Past Due

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    (41 weeks pregnant)

    *blogged 04.21.09*

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    1. swallowfield 92 months ago | reply

      you look great! thinking of you.

    2. milkshakepants 92 months ago | reply

      you look awesome!

    3. arianamusic 92 months ago | reply

      Oh sweetie, believe me I've BEEN THERE! But they all have to come out sometime.. Jasper took his own sweet time showing up 10 days late. Little bugger ;)

    4. Jeanee *Dirty Laundry* 92 months ago | reply

      You still look cute! I wish you, your husband AND baby the best!!!

    5. Jan's camera 92 months ago | reply

      I love your necklace, too.

    6. onelittlemonkey 92 months ago | reply

      You look great, Nicole! Love the picture.

    7. queendork 92 months ago | reply

      Ha, ha, ha! Very cute pic.

    8. bonnindesigns 92 months ago | reply

      I think your baby looks pretty comfy in there. Have you tried decorating a womb?

    9. LoveMissB 92 months ago | reply

      Yes, you are very cute mommy with your overdue bambina:)

    10. Little Paper Dog [deleted] 92 months ago | reply

      I was born 2 weeks late and weighed 10 lbs 3 oz ... the doctor induced my mother on her due date the next time she was pregnant. :)

      I'm so excited for your little one to come. Good luck!

    11. yvestown 92 months ago | reply

      LOL .. sorry to laugh at your misery but the photo is so funny. She's happy where she is. Maybe if you could show her how cute her bedroom is she'll come out!

    12. Doce Caos 92 months ago | reply

      Coming soon... Lovely photo :O)

    13. KnockKnocking 92 months ago | reply

      You look just lovely... almost there! Send baby the eviction notice!!

    14. Pattern Girl [deleted] 92 months ago | reply

      You do look adorable still! Have your husband rub your feet and ankles real hard, there's some pressure points in there to get you going. If it doesn't work at least it feels good ;)

    15. bitsandbobbins 92 months ago | reply

      ha, totally been there. went to 19 days past due...and all turned out well. i know how hard the wait can be! hopefully your little one will be on their way sooner rather than later, good luck!

    16. julielion 92 months ago | reply

      Not uncommon for a first-time mom. I have read that eating a lot of pineapple can help- worked for me first time around! You still look great - hang in there!

    17. pink-peony 92 months ago | reply

      hang in there! good luck!

    18. TeeRish 92 months ago | reply

      fun fun fun! she'll get here soon enough! and just when you are getting ready to force her out, she'll come out on her own.

    19. Atomic Blue 92 months ago | reply

      Nothing works but induction....which I did. Two weeks late! After 36 hours of back labor (which I would *never* wish on anyone) I ended up in the OR getting a cesarean. Turns out they can track just about anything except the actual size of the babies head vs. your pelvis. So much for that "child bearing hips" schlock!

      Don't worry, it'll be over sooner than you know ;)

    20. {*jodi*} 91 months ago | reply

      Very stylish! You look great! And your baby is beautiful! Congratulations.

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