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I took a picture of this giant poster/sign I thought was pretty cool.

It was for some old exhibit, or an upcoming one.

I forget.

It did make me go home, pull out my vinyl and play New Order's, Power, Corruption and Lies on my record player... like 12 times!

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  1. Bonnie BonBon 114 months ago | reply

    I like the colors combo; orange, black, white and blue. :)

  2. Fanis 114 months ago | reply

    I always wanted a vinyl record player... the closest i got was one by Fisher Price when i was six. My parents had gone all "high tech" and got a super huge ghetto blaster with dual cassette tape slots... :T

  3. pinkbelt 114 months ago | reply

    Hi I M BonBon! I like the colors too. :D And the texture of the blue lining.

    Fanis! Omg! Do you mean the F-P toy record player with those little colored plastic "records" that played "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"? I had one of those too. I loved mine. Wish I still had it. :D

  4. hidden track 114 months ago | reply

    i badly need a new record player.

  5. jistark 114 months ago | reply

    It was a poster, really? It doesn't look like one, Joy.

    Hey, you've got NO on vinyl? You lucky girl! I'm dreaming with that 2-set of Susbtance i saw a few days ago... hmmmpf.

  6. pinkbelt 114 months ago | reply

    D! Oh, yah to play that KoC single you bought. You buy Elliott all on vinyl too, right?

    Stark! Yes. It was quite large and this is the part I liked the best and cropped. I kept trying to avoid the glare from the sun. And dude, I have Substance on vinyl too! :P

  7. hidden track 114 months ago | reply

    no roman candle, xo, or figure 8, but those are pretty hard to find. i'm pretty sure i have most everything else. plenty of ben lee on vinyl. oh and the paul's boutique double LP, i like that one!

  8. pinkbelt 114 months ago | reply

    Oh, I'm jealous of what you do have of Elliott... I have nothing of his on vinyl. :( Boo me.

  9. Jardel A 114 months ago | reply

    taking photos from other ppl? NOT COOL! lol joke, is form an outdoor?

  10. pinkbelt 114 months ago | reply

    antonym, I saw some of your photos! You have quite a collection. Nice! :D

    jardel dear, Haha. Yes it was a a really big advertisement/poster out on the sidewalk, in front of a building.

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