Keep it clean

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    "...And do you have a vacancy for a back scrubber"... Exhausted, Mommy Mini hums her favorite Smiths song, while wiping the applesauce from Li'l Shuffy's control panel... as her battery runs terribly low.

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    1. roobottom 116 months ago | reply

      mum's batteries look low, must've been the end of a very hard day.

    2. misled 116 months ago | reply

      Smiths? It says "Camera Obscura"!

    3. pinkbelt 116 months ago | reply

      misled Haha, I've been explaining this one.... Sorry for the song confusion.

      Mommy Mini is a diehard Smiths fan, and was humming The Smiths "Half A Person", while playing Camera Obscura's "Keep It Clean" for Shuff.

      You know, she was spacing out looking at the back brush floating on the bubbles.. and the lyric popped into her head.

      Unfortunately, Moz's voice tends to send Shuffy into instant fits of fuss. :P

      roobs! Yup, it was a long day for the mini.

    4. hidden track 116 months ago | reply

      it's scary how much attention you pay to details such as the song mommy mini listens to. :-p

    5. pinkbelt 116 months ago | reply

      just wait until I get a color iPod!

      It'll be genius. You can see what they're thinking. :P


      Is it gettin' geeky in herrre?!

    6. tinyblob 116 months ago | reply

      This is the best thing ever.

    7. pinkbelt 116 months ago | reply

      Hey, thanks tinyblob. :P

    8. boxgamex 116 months ago | reply

      image what roll the video ipod would play in this, crazy uncle? :-P

    9. hidden track 116 months ago | reply

      so will mommy mini's younger and hotter sister (iPod nano) come for a visit any time soon?

    10. pinkbelt 116 months ago | reply

      Haha, how'd you know?! :P

      D, I totally have to get one.

    11. pinkbelt 116 months ago | reply

      PS: I was reading your comment and "Whatever It Is" just came on random! :P

    12. pinkbelt 116 months ago | reply

      :O !!! I'm so slow. I just realized it comes in black!!! OMG! Now I can't decide...

    13. hidden track 116 months ago | reply

      so the sister could be a younger, hotter, goth chick?

    14. pinkbelt 116 months ago | reply

      omg! you are a genius D! :D YES! YES!

    15. andrew.stuart1 93 months ago | reply

      ha... funny shot.. really like this.

      Found in a search. (?)

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