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Released to Public: Wilber and Orville Wright with Flyer II at Huffman Prairie, 1904 (NASA GPN-2002-000126)

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NASA Center: Headquarters

Image # : wrightflyer-1904

Date : 1904





Wilber and Orville Wright with Flyer II at Huffman Prairie



Full Description

Wilbur and Orville Wright with the Flyer II at Huffman Prairie, outside of Dayton, Ohio, in May 1904.


The Wrights had a much more difficult time testing their aircraft at Huffman Prairie than at Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, due to the lack of high winds. To artificially reach the needed wind speed of 27 miles per hour, the brothers invented a catapult which provided the extra speed needed to become airborne. On September 7, 1904, the Wrights tested the first catapult and it was a success, giving the Flyer II a push to make half-mile long flights.




Wilbur Wright Orville Wright Flyer II Huffman Prairie



Subject Category

Unique Aircraft, Early Aerospace-Pioneers,



Reference Numbers

Center: HQ

Center Number: wrightflyer-1904

GRIN DataBase Number: GPN-2002-000126

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