Birds of Fort De Soto
Pretty in Pictures: Birds of Fort De Soto

It’s amazing. There are more than 328 species of birds that have been documented by ornithologists at Fort De Soto Park. If you love to capture their beauty through pictures, you can help build a set of photos to show off our feathered friends.

To have your bird photo displayed in this set, email it to Communications and include the name of the species. (Email addresses are public records under Florida law and are not exempt from public records requirements.)

This checklist of bird species will be updated as photos of specific species are posted. The goal is to post at least one photo of every bird species at the park.Please note: Pictures are provided royalty and copyright free by our wonderful volunteers and residents in Pinellas County. Sorry, we are not able to provide photo credit. Keep in mind that any material posted on this site is public domain.
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