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Yosemite’s Veterans Appreciation

11-10-19 Veterans Day Weekend


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This is an example of how Veterans are treated here in Yosemite National Park. This audio is legally collected and put together. These are my neighbors/coworkers harassing me in housing; stomping at my door, fake coughing, slamming doors, verbally assaulting and threatening me. They do anything to harass, retaliate and disrupt my sleep, or any enjoyment I may find in the privacy of my living quartets. Along with this there are many other forms of harassment and evidence that management has seen or listened to, but they either participate in the harassment and retaliation or try and spin it back on me. The woman screaming said I mumbled; that was apparently her justification. I had another calling me a creepy perv; because of the way I looked at her. I was going for the clean cut white guy look. One is my neighbor that I share a bathroom with. This bathroom is between our rooms and apparently I’m expected to clean her feces and every other body fluid this person leaves throughout the bathroom. I’ve left notes asking to “Please” clean this our that “Thanks”. This is her response, screaming at me at 5:34 am, as I’m getting ready for work; “Fuck You! Clean the toilet seat before you use it, ASSHOLE. Leave me the FUCK alone. DID YOU GET THAT! You leave me another note, I’m going to have my boyfriend beat you up. FUCKING PSYCHO! Today, 11-10-19, I came home from work and had to clean-up after her, before I could use my own bathroom. I have weeks and years of this stuff. The above audio is mostly of this Veterans Day Weekend and how my coworkers and neighbors show their appreciation for those of us that have severed. These are some of the many employees we have here in Yosemite. These are the employees you see standing around, ignoring guest, waiting for others to do their jobs for them, expecting everything to be given to them, expected to have everything done for them, the ones more than likely to be promoted here in Yosemite National Park. This is the real Face of Yosemite; the face no one wants you to see. Our Superintendent doesn’t want to address it, nor does the Regional Director in San Francisco. My senior management hides under their rocks, pretends it’s not happening. The HR Director doesn’t have time for my complaints, only the ones against me. The Employee Services Manager says she’s had a talk with them (that just means I’ll be retaliated against, like today), the Housing Manager is to busy making excuses for them. Folks, you want the truth; just listen to it.

Is this why so may of us have served; so our Civil and Constitutional rights are violated and thrown in our faces daily, by such amoral, unethical and egregious people. Because I put pride in my work, the facility I maintain, this amazing national park. Because I have the courage to address the waste, fraud, incompetence, corruption, cover-up that goes on here daily. People, I’d much rather be on live combat patrols than see what I see here. To see adult men and women act like this and have our guest witness it first hand, day after day. To put our guest and their children in harms way for larger profits.

This Toxic Mobbing mentality exist only because management and our Government allows it. Because of the many who have not served and hide behind their positions and the bravery of others. I was mocked by these same egregious people all day long at work and as I type this, their lowest forms are stomping pass my room.

11-11-19, I was woke at 3:00 am, by my neighbors slamming doors and microwave oven doors in the kitchen. I get up at 4:30 for work and was unable to get back to sleep today. At work I get blocked, belittled and baited all day. Once home I have the Village Idiot waiting and baiting.

I do not want sympathy, this is not about me.Its about the hate that is plaguing this country. If you would like to really thank a Veteran; help us expose these people for what they are. They are a disgrace and a threat to this great nation. I’m not one to be intimidated and will continue to expose these people for the vile, vindictive hate they spread.


For those who are serving, have served and your families; bless you and thank you for the sacrifices you have made.


11-24-19 Update: the retaliation for this post if off the charts. You want the truth continue to follow my post and help me stop this Toxic Hate that has spread across this nation and Yosemite.


12-1-19 Update: the harassment and retaliation continues and has increased. The noise campaigns at work and in housing are off the charts. I left work this morning (12-1-19) because of extreme loud music. The lobby music systems was turned way up and on top of that; an employee that also harasses me in housing, along with her husband, had her boom box blaring on top of the Holiday music blaring. You would think it was Military PSYOPS (Psychological Operations). Speaking of; on 11-29-19, I greeted 3 guest and asked how they were doing. The woman looked totally surprised, then a big smile popped on her face. She said Sir, may I ask you a question, I said sure. She asked who ran the operations here? I told her. She then asked; what’s the matter with the employees here? I told her the truth and said nobody here cares. She went on to tell me; yesterday they witnessed employees being rude to guest at one of our other facilities, one even belittling a German couple because of their limited English. She then said; the people here ignored us this morning, one employee just stood there with earphones in his ears, listening to music. She had other complaints that I can’t mention because I will be terminated.

I asked where they were from and found out that all 3 were active duty Marines. They couldn’t get over the behavior of our employees. I apologized again and thanked them for their service. We went on to briefly discuss the continued decline of common courtesy and ethics in America. Is this why we serve today; so Americans and Corporate America can have the right to treat human-beings, worse than their own pets?


Help me stop the hate...


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