oh pimpy how did you take a picture of the coolest bridge on the planet and pimptify it without actually taking a picture of the bridge itself? more vagina tingling awesomeness for you here. lets call this the underrated section of the golden gate bridge

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PIMP MUSIC VOLUME 13 (special ambient techno edition)

I like music. A lot. I like it so much that I get obsessed with various forms of it at times. And go wild.

Case in point.
3 months ago it was 1920's jazz that led my obsession. You know artists like Annette Hanshaw and Ruth Etting. The people that stole black peoples music and made it white. Fucking bastards.

2 months ago it was classical period of classical music that I loved. Now, whoever the moron is that coined a particular genre of classical music to be "classical" is a god damn idiot. But anyhow in case you were wondering, there is generally I think about five forms of classical music. In chronological order, the Renaissance period (which led us out of the middle ages), the Baroque period, the Cassical period, the Romantic period, and the Modern era (like 20th century onward). Personally I have been obsessed with the "Classical era" of classical music. Genius? You got it. Artists like Mozart and Beethoven were popular during this era.

And for about 2 weeks I was obsessed with 80's hiphop

But that's all history! Because now? I'm obsessed with 90's ambient techno. Is there not a better mix of chill, power, feel, tranquility, mixed in with a stormy orgasm that is something you can fuck to just as easily as you can do your homework to? Or even sleep to? Or even dance to! Or even ride in an elevator to! What a fantastic eclectic genre! I just love it!

The leader here and my personal favorite? Aphex Twin. Richard D James a fucking mad man. He was a revolutionary. But you may argue any of these groups had their lasting influence back in the late 80's/early 90s.

So without further ado, I present to you pimp music volume 13, special ambient techno edition. Feel free to fuck your wife or go jogging or play this in your elevator. It's good for it any of that and more. I tried to make it as accessible as possible and give you a nice general introduction to the genre.

pimp music volume 13 - special edition ten song 90's ambient house/techno edition


1. Plaid - Object Orient
2. Aphex Twin - We Are The Music Makers
3. Mouse on Mars - Twift Shoeblade
4. The Higher Intelligence Agency - Delta
5. The Orb - Beautiful Day
6. The Future Sound of London - We Have Explosive
7. Boards of Canada - Telephasic Workshop
8. Autechre - Clipper
9. Aphex Twin - Didgeridoo
10. B12 - Hall of Mirrors


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  1. hardyc 37 months ago | reply

    YOU DID IT PIMP..Explore...you hopes and dreams have come true

  2. Sprengben [why not get a friend] 37 months ago | reply

    So good to see this photo, it really deserves Explore!
    A good Tuesday I wish!

  3. whatsaysjimmy 37 months ago | reply

    too beautiful for words

  4. fi0na 37 months ago | reply

    amazing colours!!

  5. espressoDOM 37 months ago | reply

    liking those colors.....

  6. wrapped in dreams 37 months ago | reply

    Those are all great selections... I remember going to SF every weekend (do u remember the Wicked Rave coming every month?) and going crazy dancing all night and not leaving until like 7am, then heading to the EndUp for the afterparty. I still love FSOL... but what about Thievery Corp or 808 state?! They didn't make your cut? :)

  7. SemiCharmedLife (☯) 37 months ago | reply

    check out "Black Noise" by Pantha Du Prince, you won't be disappointed ....

  8. Copper Eagle Studios by Ol' Sarge 37 months ago | reply

    The best part about making it to Explore: Tingling Vagina is in the title

  9. pimpdisclosure 37 months ago | reply

    Hi. I was aiming more at a early 90s theme here. I think 808 and thievery more of like 2000s. This actually had a very specific theme to it which was strictly 90s ambient techno/house. I don't think anyone actually listens to these fuckng playlists but I'm amusing myself anyhow I guess.

    I'm not from California so I don't remember wicked rave. Although I have been to the endup a few times. I'm a fulltme single parent so have spent most of my bay area years with my child. :)

    several people have mentioned seeing that in there with both last 2 picks and are quite happy with the result as well. Lol

  10. LittleRedCera 37 months ago | reply

    Love the people walking across the bridge.

  11. NabzIsALamb ✮ 37 months ago | reply

    Beautiful colors!

  12. toddhicklin [deleted] 37 months ago | reply

    Great photograph

  13. ubermummy 37 months ago | reply

    I wish I read the description of the music before I started listening to this today. Seriously I was about 5 songs in and was thinking to myself 'shit....this is a Reeeeeeeeeeeeally loooooong song...'
    I have A.D.D, you have to stick something in to break it up a bit and makes sure I'm still paying attention!!!!

  14. ubermummy 37 months ago | reply

    Oh and what said....

  15. ubermummy 37 months ago | reply

    and this one yeah I like that comment as well. It's so poetic.

  16. ubermummy 37 months ago | reply

    is the hands down winner though!!!!!!

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  17. S H A N N O N M A R I E 28 months ago | reply

    Fucking stunning! ...p.s. I love that I had to scroll like a mile down the page before I got to the comment box.

    Popular Mr. Awesome photographer here ;)

  18. Squarelle 25 months ago | reply

    Very nice! The colors of the sea and the sky are gorgeous

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