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PIMP MUSIC SCHOOL session 3: happy fun pimps!

Oh my flickr fuckfaces, you missed me while I was on my road trip to the Joshua Tree and the Salton Sea (more pics coming!!!!!!) didn't you? Check me out here, in my professor chair on the side of highway 111 next to the Salton Sea. What am I doing? Well I'm preparing to teach another class on music education pimp style of course.


We're going to start to theme these sessions. As many of you are confused as to what to do here. I've been getting comments that are dissing the music lesson without you even listening to the songs. Don't make me slap you with my cock. Professor Pimp will fucking make you swallow it whole.



Read about songs below. Listen to the ENTIRE PLAYLIST by clicking that provided link with your little mouse.


Repeat: Don't be a fuckface. Listen to the music. Today's theme: HAPPY PIMP! All songs are happy. They should all make you want to give your friendly neighborhood pimp a hug. Unless you are a hot chick. If that's the case, that hug followed by a friendly fuck. But you didn't hear that from me. (I'm the teacher!)


So without further ado, pimp school session 3: Happy Pimps! <-- click to hear whole entire playlist!


La Tigre – Deception

Girl led electronica is a boppy fun listen!


The Ark - Clamour For Glamour

These guys arrived on the scene for glam rock about 40 years too late, but they sure have the whole entire bit down. This entire album is such a fun listen. One of Chloe's favorites!


MGMT – Kids

They made it big with this album, but this song is great nonetheless.


Mungo Jerry - In The Summertime

Old school Mungo Jerry is a must for fun in the sun summertime blast!


Aha - Take On Me

Classic, one of my favorite songs ever. It's my guilty pleasure, shoot me.


The Faces - Ohh La La

HAPPY! If you love this song, then you love me. ANd we need to get married and have pimp babies!


C-mon en Kypski - Shitty bum

Just a hippy little song to throw in the mix.


Bloc Party – Tulips

Alt indie rockers blast out one of my favorite Bloc Party tunes.


Mint Royale 'Blue Song' video

indie rock masterpiece - you'll find yourself tapping your foot to it too.


SIL (Olav Basoski) - windows (house)

House music at its alltime finest


Piers Faccini - All the Love in all the World

This guy is a singer/songwriter genius. Great video, soft brain soothing song.


Postal Service - Against All Odds

What the fuck ever happened to Postal Service? He releases one of the best albums in the history of modern music, then releases this remix of the Phil Colins song a year later and fell off the planet. Yes I know he's under that OTHER name. But as The Postal Service is his best music.


1990s - See You At The Lights

Indie pop happy happy happy.


The Cat Empire - Hello

Threw this one in there to shake it up, instrumental goodness.


Rodrigo y Gabriela - Tamacun

The hispanic led brother and sister can play a fucking guitar, this will knock you off your chair if you aren't prepared for it.


Fiest – My Moon My Man

The words "My Moon My Man" have never been repeated so much with such awesomeness. LOVE this song.


Belle and Sebastian - Like Dylan In The Movies

Singer/songwriter again, this song will run through your soul.


The Magic Numbers - Love Me Like You Do

Awwww I'd so play this to get up your skirt. I'm such a sweetie.


Turn – New Order

One of my favorite bands/songs/albums ever - perfect ending to pimp school session 3.


AGAIN, the whole entire playlist linked on youtube is:



Lastly, I am practically showcasing my totally awesome life with blackberry pictures and all kinds of pimpawesomefunness on twitter @pimpexposure

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Taken on February 20, 2011