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02 • 04 • 2011


Are you overly judgmental of other people?


If you are, you probably don’t sit there and go, “Oh yes! Why Yes I am pimp!”


But let me tell you, as I get older my experiences on this planet begin to pile on top of each other like pancakes on Sunday Morning, there is nothing I detest more than someone being judgmental.


Come on, you know the type. You in all probability know a bunch of these fuckholes. They probably stand there and accuse any number of people for being a certain way based on some random no-nothing fact. They will run your ear about how bad of a person someone is based on something they saw or think they know. It’s really incredibly sickening.


In my life, I have found that the person running their mouth to the general public is usually the one with the issue. Do you feel the need to prove your point to a 3rd party who has nothing to do with it? If you are confident in what you believe in, who gives a shit what a random person thinks? They have nothing to do with it, who cares?


The sad part is, I have found that most unsuspecting people believe the garbage that comes out of other people’s mouths about something they wouldn't otherwise know anything about.


Yep I have found this true up and down from almost everyone I meet in my life: people are quick to judge.


Let’s pretend I talk constant shit about someone on my blog here for months and years about a pretend person named Harry. You as viewer will probably begin to grow ill of Harry. Forget the fact that you don’t know Harry, most people will just listen to whatever the fuck I say and take it for full truth. I have found that almost no one stops to think that maybe Harry has a story also and you haven’t fucking heard it.


Luckily I don’t do that. Nor do I feel the need to do that about anyone in my life.


Try this people: Judge with your own experiences, not from what you hear at the water cooler.


And if you are one to form strong opinions about someone you don’t know based on someone else talking shit? Shame on you. Grow the fuck up and get with the program. Is it really hard to remain partial when you don’t know? Are you that dimwitted that you can’t listen to what 1 party says without growing a strong opinion about something or someone you just know anything about?


The shot at hand? Me sitting in front of an abandoned building one day during lunch.


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